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Legalizing Pot Won't Close Any Budget Gaps

Legalizing Pot Won't Close Any Budget Gaps
Posted by Richard Moyer on Thursday, 07 November 2013

..."Ultimately, if pot can be row-cropped like corn or soybeans, the dollar-yield per acre will approach the market rate. That is to say, if more money can be made growing pot than celery or carrots, then some farmers will switch to pot. Then, supply will increase, prices will fall and revenue per acre of pot will eventually become comparable to other crops.

So what is the market rate? A vegetable farmer should expect his crops to be worth roughly $30,000 per acre at the grocery store, and this is remarkably true for almost every crop. From pecans to potatoes, $30k is roughly correct. Given that pot yields about 625 pounds of product per acre, $50 dollars a pound is all a farmer could reasonably expect at the point of sale. If prices were consistently higher, farmers would grow more and more until prices fell.

Furthermore, the amount of pot demanded isn't all that great. Far from potatoes or corn, even a hardcore pot smoker would have a tough time making his way through a single pound of marijuana in a year. Assuming there are 4 million hardcore smokers each consuming half a pound of weed a year, demand could be satisfied with 3200 acres of marijuana, just five square miles."...

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Good argument

Do business on the underground. Please DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS! aka...government.



Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

So you are saying it is our patriotic duty to smoke more pot?

That Americans need to consume at least ten pounds a year to make legalization and taxation a viable alternative?


No mention of the billions of

No mention of the billions of tax dollars already wasted on the bloated DEA, the drug courts, the rehab racket, or the imprisonment of millions non violent offenders, many children.

Legalizing weed would save taxpayers an UNTOLD BILLIONS, maybe even TRILLIONS, of dollars and LIVES.

Why tax it at all, why do we need more taxes? Our government can't manage the money and programs it already screws us with, a few more billion/million out of stoners pockets isn't going to go anywhere except some corrupt politician or drug dealers pocket, atleast the drug dealer doesnt lie and promise you he'll spend a percentage of that money on building schools/roads/whatever.

$50 a pound?!

who ever determined that is stoned.

Secondly, there is no mentioning industrial hemp which can be used for hemp seed foods, hemp oil, wax, resin, rope, cloth, pulp, paper, and Biodiesel...potential multibillion dollar industry.

This post only targets those who used marijuana medicinally, & spiritually. but it doesn't discuss the many alternative uses for the plant.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

I don't know where the twenty

I don't know where the twenty billion in tax revenue reference comes from, but the savings from legalization would be enormous. The war on drugs costs sixty billion dollars a year, and probably most of that is marijuana enforcement. And all of it is wasted.

Free or drug free? America can't be both!