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The CIA (E Howard Hunt) Admits The Jesuits Are The World's Greatest Intelligence Network

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Years and years of study, pondering, putting pieces together...

... and a few epiphanies along the way.

I did not sum it up thoroughly at all. The detail is unending. It would literally take a massive book to write all the facts and tie everything together.
Much of it is just recorded history the way it is known, where there are a few pieces missing, but when you step back you can see the whole picture. We just aren't taught in school or on the history channel about how everything ties together. That is up to each individual, but the more facts, the more accurate you can be... if you put the pieces in the right places...

I thought I was using pretty basic well-known examples in history, on these topics... like the Council of Nicea, Alexander's empire, etc.

If you have any specific questions, it is a lot easier for me to provide a clear concise answer.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

gotta be one of the top ten

gotta be one of the top ten dumbest comments in dp history.

Oh, yeah, why is that?

You are basically just a smart-ass troll, and there are 3 of you tool-bags...

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

3 heads are better then one

3 heads are better then one lobotomy.

Great. You're a joker... a clown... a BS artist... and...

You must be shill because you don't like the big picture truth being simply explained.

Sorry, maybe it would have fit your approval if I put it together satirically, with a sarcastic 'i'm-smarter-than-you-dumbass-conspiracy-theory-believing-libertarians' tone to it.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

You're right about bill3

he uses nonsense and controversy to bait people into weird conversations. He's quite the master at it. If he bothers you just remember D.F.T.T. Don't Feed The Troll.

yes, that would have worked.

nice catch,

now, why was LAW written in Latin?
mebbe it has SOMETHING to do with language?
(meaning of words used)

good idea yes? or good idea no?

Does this have anything to do w/ the 'motor room'?


Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

yes, don't say anything stupid.

Focus. on the meaning of the words that you are using.

or you are dangerous.

LOL, the Truth is dangerous... You can't handle the truth...

"Truth is treason (and dangerous) in the empire of lies"...

...Oh, you mean the very empire I'm talking about...

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

you'd need a real fsckin

you'd need a real fsckin troll Sherlocke Holmes to figure out whos the troll here, huh.

Please Provide Some Links To Backup All The Above

If what you say is true, please provide some evidence or proof please..

Thank you,


I'm covering much of recorded history so what particularly....?

...would you like a link for?

Seriously, point out what you're questioning and I'll be happy to respond with an answer if I can.

Are you well studied in world history?

By all means, pick apart my hypothesis. But do so with specific points and questions... unlike Bill3, who can only ad hominem insult.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Nice Post

London (The Crown Corporation)
Washington D.C.
The Vatican

^^3 main Roman strongholds

hence the Greco-Roman architecture

predominating in those cities...

RP R3VOLution

you guys are helping cover up

you guys are helping cover up for the real rulers the intact Minoan royal house from Crete.

Great information in that audio.

All should hear.

Maybe the Greatest in Guatemala

Another way to say it would be that they are a highly successful political organization operating in South America.

Their social and political goals are well known, along with the infamous 19th century conspiracy theories about them. None of this is necessarily relevant to what happens today though.

Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.


They have no sway in Russia, China(other Asian countries), the Middle East and barely in the US, though the Zionists have sway in all of these areas.

The Jesuit Conspiracy is just a way to divert attention from the real Zionist conspiracy thus giving cover to all the dispensionalists.

Look at the History of the Bolshevik Revolution

the pioneers of Soviet communism were Jesuit trained. That is more than "sway." There is more to it than just "Zionists", as I have learned.

Please examine the information without blindly condemning it.

Bolsheivik Revolution

was a Zionist/Marxist Revolution.

Zionist/marxist... No. Please look up Albert Pike & his plan....

The Jesuits are a branch of the Vatican, which is a branch of the Roman Empire which never relinquished power, ever. Roman Empire precluded by Alexander the Great's Empire, which conquered ancient Egypt, and combined all the gathered knowledge of ancient Greece and Egypt. The ruling family of Rome moved to Constantinople and became the "Byzantine" Romans... that failed, the families had split up the empire under "Divine Right" of Kings, which came from blessing of the Pope in Rome. Under the "Holy Roman Empire" which embodied nearly all of Europe. That's why the Russian 'Czar' means 'Caesar', and the family was the ROMANOV family. That's why all of the Royal families only bred with each other, they were already one family. Of course there has been infighting, but Bilderberg and UN and CFR and globalism in general is the sign that they have to patched up their differences and are again focusing on the real threat - freedom...

The British Monarchy is one of the strongest remaining monarchies, and can still maintain a level of 'openness'. But in truth they are in much greater power. These people own the Crown of London which owns a large stake in The FED, but the kicker is that the Chairman of the 'Crown of London' Bank is the Pope himself.

Keep blaming the old scapegoat.. "The Jews"... It's really stupid. Yes, just like Pharaoh in Egypt, the Evil Empire likes to use Jews as task-masers against their own people (believers in one G-d). But it is not 'The Jews' or Judaism that is the evil force behind the NWO. On the contrary, Judaism is the root of the ultimate force for Good in this world, Yeshua...

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Zionism, Marxism, Ashkenazi

have nothing to do with Judaism. The propagators of all these ideas are Khazars, a people who "converted/infiltrated" to Judasim from the land of Gog and Magog.

Fact is, these are the people who have been prophesied in your own bible as being the ones that will be in firm control of the world for a considerable amount of time.

Judaism, nor Zionism have anything to do w/ Marxism...

Marx hated G-d, hated religion.

Zionism has everything to do with Judaism, and Christianity. Whatever you think Zionism is, you must have the wrong definition.

I can tell you the definition of Zionism to Jews & Christians like myself;
Zionism is the idea of the land of Israel existing as the homeland of the Jewish people. That's it. (Israel=Jews' home) = Zionism

Marx has nothing to do with it, came way later BTW.

If you want to discuss Albert Pike's NWO/Masonic plan to DESTROY Judaism & Christianity and faith in G-D! by pitting Zion against Islam and Christianity against atheism until no one is left and only Lucifer remains... then I'll address that, as a potentially real evil plot regarding "Zionism".


Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Side note - most Jews

are atheists...there lies the irony. Their *religion* is Money.

RP R3VOLution


has nothing to do with real Jews/sephardic or Judaism, but has everything to do with the Khazars or if you will Gog and Magog. As does communism/socialism, and neo conservatism/dispensionalism to name a few.

All these false evil beliefs created by the Khazars set the stage for Gog and Magog to set up a world government under their control.

I believe you are right about the Khazars

This is a different subject, however.

Like a poster said, elite knights like Rothschild fund the Jesuit Superior General's wars. The Rothschilds are court Jews; "Guardians of the Vatican treasury;" Sabbatean Frankist Hofjuden.

All roads lead to Rome.

Not really a different subject

since the Rothschilds are not really Court Jews, they are Khazars. Khazars not only hold monetary power, but all power, from educational, political, corporate, and entertainment to just name a few institutions they control.

All roads lead to the land of gog and magog.

Do an internet serach for

"Karl Marx Jesuit"


"Stalin Jesuit"

Again, there is much more going on than just Zionism. Hitler was brought to power by the Jesuits.