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A gauge of Daily Paul aversion toward the Libertarian Party.

I have been surprised with how unpopular the Libertarian Party seems to be here at the Daily Paul.

Very surprised.

So, I guess I should take my lumps and find out where I'm wrong...
If you dislike the Libertarian Party, please tell us why.

Be specific. Is it the platform? The idea of a third party? The people associated with it?

Hold nothing back.

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ha ha

wouldnt waste my time on the Libertarian open border globalist crazies - no thanks they suck

The Libertarian

national convention in 2000, carried by C-SPAN, was a revelation. The meeting was driven from the floor. The chairman was attentive and fair. Anyone could, and did, call "point of order" to participate. It was shocking to realize how thoroughly the parties had abandoned the conduct of genuine meetings for the spectacle of tv.

We would benefit, if schools taught Robert's Rules of order, so that everyone--journalists, celebrities, stay-at-home moms--knew how to run a meeting.

I remember the convention of 1996

When Harry Browne used his question to invite all his opponents to dinner.

“Although it was the middle of winter, I finally realized that, within me, summer was inextinguishable.” — Albert Camus

who knows


Libertarians are individuals

who don't like to be grouped. Therefore, they hate their own party in many instances. The party is a collective, albeit, a voluntary one. I have always perceived them as weak. Besides Dr.Paul, their candidates as of the last few candidates have been wimps/nerds/ex-CIA. I know its the message that counts, but you'll never win an election if you carry yourself like a wimp. Gary Johnson suffers from this (and some bad policy stances), but he just doesn't command attention...he's kinda wimpy in his demeanor, even though he has climbed Mt.Everest!
Anyway, my 2 cents...Libertarians hate groups, and they aren't proud of their candidates.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

Is that why the Paul team were brought in to attack

Them in Virginia?

Because the LP was so weak?


Bruce Majors, Libertarian for Mayor


What is your problem?

They came in because Ron Paul endorsed Cucinelli. That is why. He was a real conservative candidate...non establishment. Getting him into office would have allowed more libertarian leaning people to engage the politics. It would have sent a clear message to washington and given rand paul a chance in 2016. Instead, we are stuck with a disaster smarmy person endorsed by the socialist cabal of obama and clinton because of Sarvis. I don't know how you can't see the big picture. The Libertarian party will not win in your lifetime. Get it through your head. It won't happen...it especially won't happen if people like Mcaullife, clinton, and obama are in power.

I thought the LP was STRONG

"I don't know how you can't see the big picture. The Libertarian party will not win in your lifetime."
Like I said...because they put up weak candidates. Doesn't mean they cant be spoilers, but they wont win...because the candidates are generally weak.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

For the most part you are right

Because they don't put up anyone that is inspiring or is able to lead. They would need one heck of a candidate to crack through the lack of media coverage...

You are just repeating the same old tired lies

They lied about Sarvis, they didn't just endorse Cuccinelli.

And they did this to support a candidate who sat on his ass, hid from Cruz, gagged himself during the shutdown, and wasn't funded by the RNC/GOP.

So it looks like the Paul's picked a losing horse and wasted time on all the wrong things.

I don't know if they could have talked the GOP into giving Ken money equal to McAwful. Maybe they have no influence. But that would have done more than calling Sarvis peeps insane. Maybe they could have raised some money from their own donors, like the Kentucky Liberty PAC that funded Massie. Or maybe Ken wasn't popular with any of those donors either.

You Paul goose steppers apparently are too dumb to learn from your own mistakes, but want to whine and blame others. Maybe you are all on welfare.

Bruce Majors, Libertarian for Mayor



You sound like you are more of party man than anyone else. I don't vote on party lines, I read what the candidate is about. Cucinelli was better than Sarvis. That is a fact. Cucinelli was the first one to stand up against ocare.

I don't really care what you do with your time. I am just saying that you are wasting it.

I don't like them

I have voted for Libertarians before as a protest vote, but in reality they have no impact, the people they typically put up are not real libertarians, and I truly believe that some are plants designed to siphon votes from conservatives. the only way that anything changes in our lifetimes is taking over the GOP. It really drives me crazy to think that we are still having this convo after all we have been through. I don't know what people need to see in the fact that the L party is basically a joke and huge waste of time. People like Justin Amash and others need our help and some here would rather play in the sandbox with stupid Libertarians like the dude that ran in VA. I don't think anyone is vetting the Libertarian candidates...most of them suck when you actually look at their platforms.

If they have no impact

...then don't blame them when your flailing GOP candidates lose.

Bruce Majors, Libertarian for Mayor


Fair enough

But don't complain about things like Obamacare and Hillary when we are in goal line defense against the socialists.

With Obama you get war,

With Obama you get war, Constitution trampling and Obamacare... With Romney, you would've gotten war, Constitution trampling and religion. Both were crap. At least voting Libertarian a person could hold their head high.

How high...

...did you hold your head after you voted for Bob Barr?

Work for pay, pay for freedom
Fuck 'em all, we don't need 'em

I held my middle finger high...

....and voted libertarian by writing in Dr. Ron Paul in the general election.

As I mentioned

I voted for a few libertarians in the last election because the alternatives were not good at all. However, if we want to change something we need to get people in office that are sympathetic to what we want. But whatever, I am not here to have a purity argument. The Libertarians are definitely not that.

The Libertarian philosophy is

The Libertarian philosophy is interpreted differently on a number of counts, just because people are people. No philosophy is "pure" because our interpretations are all unique. We all view things a little differently. I know the Libertarian philosophy as practiced and demonstrated to me since childhood.

This exact point may be applied to any religion or political organization.

I agree with the principles of liberatarian

But the candidates are not true libertarians. I am willing to bet most of the people on this site are more libertarian than GJ or Sarvis, or whomever. I wish the whole country was libertarian in principle. That is the way I was brought up as a child...Every good family knows that the philosophy of independence and freedom to decide your destiny is what is important. But from a political landscape, the party just isn't good and they are completely lost. You would think with so many good libertarians out there the party could put up a decent candidate. The only one I have seen is Ron Paul and that guy that teaches the constitution class. haha. I am more interested in getting to a solution that stops the demise of the nation. Others would like to see things fall apart. I don't. My parents are too old and my family wouldn't be able to survive it. I might, but they won't.

No one is perfect. :)

Registered republican...

...to vote in the primaries. Vote straight libertarian ticket in the general election. I would vote for a candidate of one of the Ds or Rs *only* if they were really libertarian in most ways (Paul, Amash, Massie are some examples). Otherwise, both major parties can go piss up a rope if they think I will vote, or otherwise provide support to their parties.

The "lessor of two evils" is a canard. Since 1980 when I voted for Ed Clark, I have bought into that nonsense twice:

1. Ronald Reagan's 2nd term (big mistake: he lowered my taxes in his first term, but increased the size of federal gov and ratcheted up the war on drugs in his second term).

2. Bill Clinton's 1st term (big mistake: his crimes are too many to enumerate here, but I damn sure didn't vote for him again when he came up for reelection).

I won't do so again. Irrespective of their rhetoric, there is no fundamental difference between the two major parties (with a few rare exceptions). LP all the way. Do I care they don't win anything? Of course I care, but that will not change my vote.

Depending on what happens over the next couple of years, I may vote for Rand if he runs. However, some of the other pretenders whose names have been bantered about (such as Cruz) will not receive my support or my vote.

I will still consider registering in the establishment parties

To vote in their primaries for good candidates. Even the Paul's sometimes. But I won't respect them as much as I used to or give them money or campaign for them as much.

Bruce Majors, Libertarian for Mayor


We would all be capital "L" Libertarians ...

if there was a level playing field.

As it stands we maintain our ideals ...

while playing by "their" rules.

It is the only way to play the game and win.

God Bless.

No one will fault you as long as the rules don't include

Lying and smearing.

Bruce Majors, Libertarian for Mayor


with all due respect ...

Lying and smearing to you might not necessarily be lying and smearing.

Some might claim you are lying when in fact you are adding clarity and distinguishing attributes.

God Bless.

Too many people vote straight ticket

when the majority of the voting population always votes straight ticket voting libertarian or constitution party is more or less giving the two party system the finger.

That said when you have a good republican or democrate running and you vote libertarian you are basically giving the finger to the cause.

15% of 25-29 year olds in Virginia

Voted Libertarian.

Bruce Majors, Libertarian for Mayor