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Video: Justin Amash Speaks At The Charleston Meeting - 11/11/2013

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What a great speach from Amash.

I notice that Granger has removed her 'Stand by Rand' Tagline and doesn't even post on this, Nor does Goldspan.

That said, I've sent emails to people I know in Mich. several of them Winter Texans that live there Ron Paul's thumbs up on him when he was running for office.

Truth is Sweet!



"We have to be a big tent party"

Amash is right. Reagan won with the help of Reagan Democrats; typically lifelong Democrats who were well paid union workers. Yet both Senators Cruz and Paul were talking about forcing not only Congress but all federal workers to have an Obamacare plan. Most of those federal workers e.g. rural mail carriers, weather service employees, and cafeteria workers had nothing to do with designing Obamacare yet Cruz and Paul are anxious to punish them. Until they get that straight, they don't deserve the votes of Reagan Democrats.

Note: I'll vote for either before I vote for a Democrat but I don't think that either is going to win withoug a bigger tent.