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New Colorado? Rural voters approve secession idea

New Colorado? Rural voters approve secession idea

Nov 11, 5:35 PM (ET)

AKRON, Colo. (AP) - The nation's newest state, if rural Colorado residents had their way, would be about the size of Vermont but with the population of a small town spread across miles of farmland. There wouldn't be civil unions for gay couples, legal recreational marijuana, new renewable energy standards, or limits on ammunition magazines.

After all, those were some of the reasons five counties on the state's Eastern Plains voted on Election Day to approve the creation of a 51st state in the first place.

Secession supporters know the votes were symbolic, designed to grab the attention of a Democratic-controlled Legislature. They say the vote results emphasize a growing frustration in conservative prairie towns with the more populous and liberal urban Front Range, which has helped solidify the Democrats' power.

Read more: http://apnews.myway.com/article/20131111/DAA0LNF80.html

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It has been called the Californication of Colorado

It has been called the Californication of Colorado

The invasion and takeover of the state by the Democratic-controlled liberal Legislature that ignores the roots of Colorado. Something should be done when they pass laws contrary to the will of the majority population of the state reducing CO to "little CA".

More power to them if they can cut ties to this or make a point.

Just an opinion.

I love this, a wonderful idea:

"Republicans next year are planning to propose making state Senate seats be apportioned by land mass instead of population to grant a bigger voice to the sparsely populated areas. Republicans hold 28 of the 65 seats in the House and 17 of 35 seats in the Senate."

I have long thought that is the best way to do it, or, have a third branch of the legislature apportioned that way.

When you look at election returns across the nation, those who live int the country always votes different than those in the city, and so clearly the Farmers and landowners concerns about property rights are not heard.

Oh, and secession is cool as well!