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Australia to UN: No More 'Socialism Masquerading as Environmentalism'

Australia's cabinet has decided it will reject new contributions or taxes related to climate change at this week's annual United Nations global summit on climate change in Warsaw, calling the measures "socialism masquerading as environmentalism."


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Get ready for an Australian invasion

Possibly by the Chinese.

Ps - ill be using byte jockeys watermelon term soon :-)

Why is that so farfetched?

I would love to see Australia shun world socialism, but I don't think they will get a pass. Australia just had the largest oil discovery in 50 years and that is exactly what China lacks.

Down South we call 'em watermelons

Green on the outside, red on the inside.

I'm glad Australia has stood up to the UN/Agenda 21.

To be sure, it's socialism disguised as environmentalism (socialism with global government).

Let's just be careful to not throw out the baby with the bathwater. There are serious environmental issues that need to be dealt with, and - given that air and water are continually circulating - these can involve more than one country. We need to rely on sound science, common sense, stewardship of our own resources, and voluntary cooperation among nations.

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Computer models prove

Computer models prove authoritarian socialist world government is the result of this scam.

"socialism masquerading as environmentalism."

That is so incredibly well put.

and puts things in a kind of

and puts things in a kind of perspective, for me anyway, like how all solutions always seem to end up being a tax........and the force thats needed to enforce it taking away mans basic right to choice, which is a weird feeling to imagine such a thing, choice, being so accustomed to the mantra "thats just how things are"

Big Bump!


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