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NOT Obamacare... Hillarycare/Obamacare

As Hillary begins opening her moneybags for her 2016 bribes, I am making a promise to myself to never use the word Obamacare again. From now on I will be calling it what it really is... Hillarycare/Obamacare.

"Flashback: Anti-Hillarycare Advertisement Basically Was Prophetic"


"In 1994, following Hillary Clinton's proposal for universal health coverage, insurance companies released an ad featuring Harry and Louise, a fictional couple who were disappointed by the changes to their insurance plan. This ad was largely credited with helping to turn the public against the proposed reform."
From http://townhall.com/tipsheet/christinerousselle/2013/11/11/f...

Stonewalled ‘Hillarycare’ records about to be made public
November 10, 2013 by Joe Saunders

"After seven years of stonewalling, the Clinton Presidential Library is finally releasing partial records of the White House meetings that produced the Hillary Clinton health care plan – Obamacare’s wicked stepmother.

The conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch has been fighting for the records since 2006, when Hillary Clinton was gearing up for her first run for the presidency – and when Barack Obama was still a junior senator from Illinois best known for a 2004 convention speech that almost made Democrats sound patriotic. (That was the convention, you’ll remember, where America-hating Michael Moore was a guest in former President Jimmy Carter’s box.)

And as bad as Obamacare looks now, the 57,000 pages of recently released records could very well make Hillary look worse. They’re going to remind America that a lot of this Obamacare train wreck started with Hillary Clinton as the chief engineer 20 years ago. As Judicial Watch President Tom Fitten wrote on Breitbart.com, things don’t change much in D.C"
From http://www.bizpacreview.com/2013/11/10/stonewalled-hillaryca...

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Flashback bump


allegory - ˈalɪg(ə)ri/ - noun - 1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

The more things change...

the more they look like the 80s and 90s?