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Harry Reid calls candidate and asks him to drop out

I am not a supporter of this Montana candidate but seems the Dems have selected their candidate and want no competition. (Bohlinger used to be a republican)

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Did he make him an offer...

Did he make him an offer he could not refuse? Maybe no IRS audits every year for the next 10 years? Maybe no venus eccm use on him or his family? Let your imagination go because nothing is beyond what they are capable of.


If I called

Harry Reid and asked him to drop out, would he?? One can dream...

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Time to punk him. Would be great if someone got some UN letterhead drummed up and send him one. Illegal to represent a federal agent but UN, foreign leader, screw it. Better yet, see if some of these supposed shadow bildiberg whoevers are real and use letterhead from one of them. Maybe we will get lucky and he will take it as marching orders from his grand poopah 10th level paper hat.... and resign immediately. :)