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Liberty Over Dogma

For those who do not understand the historical significance of the separation of Church and State in the minds of the Founding Fathers,
below are excerpts from the 1958 book: In God We Trust: Religious Beliefs & Ideas of the American Founding Fathers (1958)

read for free here:

"They saw no walls separating science, philosophy, religion, and art."

"…They believed it entirely natural that a human being should seek and achieve the broadest possible personal development. Indeed, it was unnatural for a man to be shut off from anything inside him capable of growth.

"Man questioned his religion as he questioned everything else."

"Therefore, if man's natural right to his religious beliefs was to be upheld, he had to be protected not only against the authoritarian antireligious state but against religious monopoly."

"Thus, the need to guarantee the religious freedom of all was the best way of serving the spiritual needs of the individual."

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I Agree

But now we do have State sponsered religion, the religion of Atheism, The teaching of Evolution .. let these Atheists start there own schools off the public dole, and we will see what "Faith" wins out .. End the Monopoly of destruction the Public school system

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I agree, the state should not support any cosmology exclusively

I find Atheism in its most aggressive form subservient to corporate controlled scientific dogma, something which restricts the scope of scientific inquiry and paints the natural world, including human life, as nothing more than a resource for exploitation by Earth destroying consumerism.

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds. - Bob Marley