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It's a Spiritual Battle on Earth

Earth is a grand experiement where we are spirits incarnate that come here to all try to live on the same planet. There are people here from a lot of different realms. Some higher and some lower and some smarter and some not as smart. That's why it's like it is. Duality. We are trying to duplicate our spiritual realms here. Obviously Ron Paul's realm is great as is Thomas Jefferson's, etc. I have read great spiritual material that basically says that truthful intelligent realms without oppressions are the great realms. There was a lower spirits who tried to get into higher realms and there are guardians who stop them. A leftist would try to 'help' them by letting them in but they are not let it as they would cause havoc. They send them back to the lower realms and the entity cursed at them and freaked out they were not let in (like a liberal would).

To WIN the spirits here from the higher realms have to work NON STOP to stop the spirits from the lower leftist insane realms and eventually when we get a lot of power and freedom they will be stopped from coming here or choose not to come as it is not a liberal insane world for them which is the goal. To only allow freedom loving spirits hedre on Earth. To make the leftists and statists to incarnate elsewhere. This is done through way of life and energy and theones trying to incarnate will know. The only reason leftists and oppressors come here is because they think they have a change. Make it so they have no chance. Then we win Earth.

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