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Ok Paper Hat Level 6 -recherché Beckian conspiracy

So I was reading through another doctoral paper here on the daily paul (on the VA race this time) and it was all high brow and all that, when suddenly there was this "recherché Beckian conspiracy" slipped in. Now I am sure it was BIG news among the Virginia electorate and EVERYONE came out IMMEDIATELY: either finding it shameful or that they support the validity of at least forming a grand jury or board of inquiry into the "recherché Beckian conspiracy".

I for one stripped off all my clothes and said "Look at the emperor..." well, maybe not, but I certainly was willing to admit that I had no idea what they were talking about. Now it is imperative that I know why this would affect one's political career.

Could it be about Geckoian Overlords, a-Rumaki aliens, or maybe something about researching Glenn Beck-ian?

Well, I got nothing. Google got nothing.. other than the articles claiming the shocking news... Start page got nothing... DuckDuckGo got nothing... called the NSA and they got nothing.

so here goes nothing.

If you also don't know, post below that you don't and upvote.

If you do know... be the smartest person on the DP and live up to your DP Fringe Rep by telling us what it is and why is it so radical as to unseat a candidate to have an unpaid staffer have visited a site about it... mind you a site I can't find. Or maybe they danced naked in the Beckian forest... inform me. Does the recherché Beckian conspiracy have no clothes? (Maybe it should be relegated with all those "no bikini" posts?)

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