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Psychology of Authoritarianism - 1st Amendment Shot Down 2nd Amendment Under Review

http://youtu.be/s5DW8Eq6v38 and http://youtu.be/u4rPn4n1RSo (both videos are short and very well done)
Notice how authoritarian the council members are. The petitioner receives no empathy from them whatsoever.

I hope these patriots continue their work despite the ignorance and stupidity shown by the council members who just reek of authoritarianism.

Neither of the two councilmen showed showed the petitioner even a small measure of empathy and understanding. The female council member at the beginning sounds like a strong smoker as well.

Here’s a few points that will make them howl inside (because these are attributes of authoritarians).
1) They worship those above them or at least hold them in higher esteem than their own counterparts.
2) They try to impress those of ’equal’ value around them in superficial ways because they know nothing more than ’surfaces’ (see below for why)
3) They detest, ridicule or express some form of disdain towards those who ’don’t fit in to their clique’. They show only reluctant tolerance of opinions differing theirs and only then, because it is required of them.

The key to the psychology of this council: authority
They worship it, fear opposition to it, need it desperately in order to orient themselves and to provide them with meaning. They survive on the 'we are better than they' mentality meanwhile showing disrespect for those they should be working for.

The global elite love to employ these authoritarians types as minions because they accept their brain washing well. The expression of the brain washing comes in the form of being ’trendy’ among themselves (i.e. no tolerance for ’outsiders’) and how they savor being part of those who count. Their value-orientation concerns itself with those close to them and they depend upon ’outsiders’ to provide them with their means to exist. They have a superior attitude that betrays their underlying insecurities. I could continue, but I think you get the idea.

It would be good if those who posted the video would also post contact information for the council members with their videos. Many viewers would love to tell them how they ’perform’ their work.

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I for one wish some one would bring these resolution to our city council. I would make the motion to approve ! I support both of them..

Good council

We need more of your kind. Those in the video are a travesty.