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IMHO, this video is pretty clear that JFK was not shot by Oswald.

So if you just drop all the he said, she said, and simply look at this video with unbiased eyes, it appears pretty clearly to me that the head shot that killed Kennedy came from his 1 or 2 O'Clock direction.

If I had any doubt whether or not it was an entry or exit wound on the right side of his head, that doubt is erased by the fact that Jackie went to retrieve a piece of his skull off the back of the car. What Jackie was doing is not disputed by anyone that I know of. Kinetic force coming from the front would seem to be needed to send an object flying backwards.

When I look at a diagram of Dealey Plaza, even before I knew where 1 or 2 O'Clock was, it turns out it is the grassy Knowle. Opinions on the content of the video (lets leave the other evidence aside please)?



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David Ben Gurion, then Prime Minister of Israel informed JFK that Israel would have the nuclear option. JFK responded by emphatically stating to Ben Gurion that would never happen while he was president.Ben Gurion and Mossad saw to it that JFK was no longer president while simultaneously cutting a backroom deal with LBJ to ensure that work would continue unabated at the Israeli nuclear facility Dimona in the Negev desert. No real mystery or conspiracy theory here at all. Just business as usual for the Zionists and their quest to subvert and infiltrate America ! For the full story, read Michael Collins Pipers ( The Final Judgement )As a side note, look into what the Israelis have done and continue to do to this day to Mordechai Vanunu.

Jack Rose

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Yes and 90% of Americans who were alive at the time...

agree with you.

What is sad is, that info and $7.50 will get you a cup of coffee at starbucks.

We live in a very sad world.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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Head lurches forward

There are versions of the Z film online that are motion-corrected to keep the auto stationary in the viewers' field of vision. That is important, because the way the human visual system works is such that larger motions completely mask the perception of smaller ones.

If you watch that jitter-corrected film a frame at a time, you can see K's head lurch forward with the impact. Instantly, a jet of tissue shoots up and forward from the exit wound. The forward acceleration of the head is so violent that it is over in just one frame. It hard or impossible to see without viewing one frame at a time. After lurching forward, K's head rebounds backwards at a speed that is slow enough to see as the film plays at speed.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

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You're both CORRECT & INCORRECT ....

Yes there was at the very moment of impact a slight movement forward -- which is what would happen if you were shot in the fact -- as the bullet pushes into your face your head would move slightly down --


As the bullet PENETRATES AND EXITS on its trajectory -- your head will SNAP in that direction, which is what happens to JFK,


I believe may have been shot by the driver -- and i don't care if the Z film shows the passenger agent's head -- all the other shots were pretty OFF -- and while his head was leaning VERY CLOSE TO JACKIE'S he got it right in the dome piece.

I think the driver turns and shoots and the passenger guy's head blocks the view of the GUN, but not his arm reaching over -- is there any way to see if that guy was LEFT-HANDED ?

Watch DARK LEGACY - Documentary about the Bush Family Connections to JFK

The driver theory makes no sense

The report from gun would have been so loud that bystanders would have heard it, Connolly would have been deafened by it, and Jackie would have seen the flash.

There are conspiracy theories, then there are stupid theories. The-driver-did-it is a stupid theory.

The only question: Did he act alone..

The mechanics of assination are really incidental ie. who killed Julius Caesar? who shot the Romanoffs.
Should you believe a deranged ex-marine, with basic marksmanship certification, using a mail order 6.5mm Italian Mannlicher Carcarno rifle (considered one of the worst military rifles ever made), with a cheap, defectively mounted 'scope and three rounds of FMJ military ammunition, firing from an ineffective vantage point did it..fine.

You can ask, was he a lone gunman, was he simply the 'patsy', or were there other forces at work. Did he act alone?.

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He didn't act at all…

See Judith Baker and all she has to tell… Teague corroborates much of it as well. Then read Russ Baker's Family of Secrets. Patsy fer sure…

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Shear Sheep Dip

The last 5-10 min. of this video summarizes the real bottom line:


The who and how minutia is the diversion from the coup d'état that certainly occurred that day. The 'why' deserves the focus. The reality of what they get away with is the ultimate sheep dip that should be our concern.

I like this video, I cannot

I like this video, I cannot verify it is actual footage, but it looks it...


sorry, but the driver didn't shoot him.

This can be searched on youtube; common sense dictates that there would be more witnesses if the driver just shot him in the face from two feet away on national TV. They can blow up a skyscraper without the public noticing, but the public isn't that stupid, yet.

movie JFK explains it pretty well...

globalists killed Kennedy, it was a coup...

They have owned the Executive Branch ever since, with the possible exception of Reagan.
They tried to get Reagan too though, either because he wasn't going along with a certain powerful globalist faction, or because he just wasn't co-operating well enough. Either way, it seems there were some compromises made.
Not that it really matters now. They own the Executive Branch now, and the intelligence community are the gate-keepers.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

"that doubt is erased by the

"that doubt is erased by the fact that Jackie went to retrieve a piece of his skull off the back of the car. What Jackie was doing is not disputed by anyone that I know of."

I heard this a while ago, but no one ever talks about it. What was she thinking? Did she think they could use the piece of his skull to put JFK back together?

They should get a volunteer freshly executed with lethal injection from a Texas prison to do a ballistics experiment on.

Anyone heard of James Files?

The confessed killer of JFK?

If so, thoughts and opinions about him?

If not, here you go:


Shot twice, once with 6.5x52mm Mannlicher Carcano round,

once with 5.56x45mm round.

As an experiment take two cantaloupe out to where you practice your marksmanship. Shoot one with a full metal jacketed round that is approximately the size of the Mannlicher Carcano round and the other with a 55 grain 5.56x45mm or similar 223 round. Notice how the Mannlicher Carcano or similar FMJ round makes a neat hole with the exit hole only slightly larger. Notice how the 5.56x45mm round blows out the exit side leaving a gaping hole if the cantaloupe is still intact at all. Measure the entry holes on each cantaloupe and see if a 6.5x52mm round could possibly have made the hole in the cantaloupe that you shot with the 5.56x45mm round or any larger round.

Now think about how the right front portion of Kennedy's head looks like the effect from the 5.56x45 round as you see from the cantaloupe. If you can get some pig skulls do the same experiment which should be the same, but a closer approximation to a human head shot.

Many years ago I read a book, Mortal Error, based on the work of a ballistics expert by the name of Donahue. He looked at the xrays that showed a snow pattern in Kennedy's head characteristic of the spray that occurs when a 5.56x45mm round breaks up and sprays lead fragments forward in a cone shape as it is designed to do. He looked at the size and entry point at the back of the head which was just slightly larger than 5.56mm (as you would expect from a 5.56X45mm round) but not large enough to be made by a 6.5mm Mannlicher Carcano round. He traced the trajectory of that entry/exit combination, given the approximate position of Kennedy's head, back to the most probable origin of the round, and it led straight back to the left side of the secret service car where coincidentally agent Hickey was standing on the left rear seat identified by multiple witnesses holding none other than an AR15 rifle that fires 5.56x44mm rounds. Multiple fire arm experienced people smelled gun smoke at street level.

The conclusion was that the head shot was accidentally fired by agent Hickey as the secret service car lurched forward and he fell backward with his finger on the trigger. He was a new agent, working as a driver and keeping secret service cars detailed, but because the other agents had been out till 3:00AM drinking he was assigned to ride in the back seat and handle the AR15 in an emergency. The coverup by the government that followed was to protect the secret service from its mistakes being known.

A few nights ago a 1 hour program was aired covering this version of the events along with persuasive reanalysis by an experienced criminal investigator. Here is a short clip describing the show:


The show only reinforced what the original book detailed.

Furthermore, here is a persuasive computer reconstruction that gives credence to the single bullet theory (6.5x52mm Mannlicher Carcano round) with the origin of the shot being the 6th floor of the Depository building.


So there were two guns and a total of three shots. 1st shot from Oswald missed; 2nd shot from Oswald hit Kennedy in the back, exited near his adams apple, then yawed into Connelly; and third shot, the head shot, was from agent Hickey's AR15 accidental discharge.

It is believed that of the three cases found from the Mannlicher Carcano rifle, one was a non-ejected case still in the rifle when Oswald brought the rifle to work with him.

This is the best overall description of the events that I have seen.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.