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Occupy Wall Street Charity Purchases $15M of American Medical Debt

An Occupy Wall Street spin off group has purchased $15,000,000 of American medical debt to relieve patients of carrying the burden of having to pay off their medical expenses they cannot currently afford. I think this is amazing. However, I feel like a lot of the supporters of this group are the same people who laughed at Ron Paul when he said that issues like this were best handled through private institutions and charity!

"An Occupy Wall Street spin-off group has bought up $14.7 million worth of Americans' personal medical debt and forgiven it over the last year as part of its Rolling Jubilee project, the group announced Monday.
The Rolling Jubilee project, organized by Occupy Wall Street's Strike Debt group, has so far spent $400,000 to buy the debt, in the process relieving 2,693 people of the money they owed for medical services Occupy thinks should be free.
"Think of it as a bailout of the 99 percent by the 99 percent," a post on the Rolling Jubilee project's website said. "

Continued - http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/11/12/21428308-occupy-w...

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This is good for

This is good for non-chargeable student loan debt. All other debt should be discharged in bankruptcy court.