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Interview: Blue Republican successes and future - and the Third Party Debates for 2016!

This is the first part of nice interview with David Ortiz, covering the origin of Blue Republican, its usefulness in winning supporters for liberty and most importantly, the THIRD PARTY DEBATES of which Blue Republican will be a coalition member.

In the second part, we cover some recent successes of Blue Republican, and our future, including the establishment of State Chapters, and deploying the brand in state and city races.

We also discuss the pending economic dangers of massive amounts of dollars' coming home as the world drops the dollar as a reserve currency... and finally, we discuss prospects for the liberty movement at the ballot box - and I am optimistic.

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Good job Robin

Keep up the good work!

Great stuff Robin!

I'm excited about Blue Republicans future!

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you got a

shout out! nice!
Robin Koerner is my bridge to my HuffPo Zombie friends. Somehow, when they read his words and there is the HuffPo header they really read it, take it in, and generally come out agreeing...change the header to Daily Paul and , well, they're not so interested. Funny how that is. Anyway, thanks for being an integral part of this thang!

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy