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One Chart Shows The Magnitude Of US Naval Dominance

The single most important factor in U.S. military dominance is the country's powerful navy, which gives the ability to project power anywhere in the world.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/magnitude-of-us-naval-dominan...

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Tell that to Spain and Great Britain

The Royal Navy of Great Britain dominated the oceans of the world for more than 400 hundred years (before that it was the Spanish Invincible Armada). But after World War II, even though the British Navy did not suffer any major defeat, it faded away from the political scene just like that. They even gutted one of their air-craft carrier awhile ago before commission of another one.

With the current state of affairs within the US, I don't think we have another 300 years for the US Navy to dominate the world.

Spanish armada was a classic case of throwing $ at the problem

It never demonstrated any real naval like the British and American Empires.


Just sayin...



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Remember the Invincible Spanish Armada?

...numbers and statistics don't always show a complete picture of the future...

Never has so much been wasted to benefit so few.


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No "All the world's submarines" chart? Ha

The enemy of the aircraft carrier would be the submarine (no?). Because I would imagine that is what non-US countries would be building/operating in the current environment.

But there is no way to know the number of submarines in operation, I would guess.

How the hell does North Korea have 62 submarines?

What are they, made out of wood?

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No really,

How the hell does NOrth Korea have 62 submarines?

Anybody really know? As I understood it they could barely feed themselves. Maybe they blew al of their money on submarines.

Or maybe they are talking about submarine sandwiches, but then they'd have something to eat.

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Ha, touché

So there are a few. Maybe more than ~342 in the world.

I can attest to at least a few here in the San Diego area.

Cartels Use Narco Subs to Smuggle Drugs

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