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Ben Swann vs Luke Rudkowski: Journalistic Ethics

2 of the the best journalists we have hanging out, talking, and enjoying themselves.


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Ben Swann, say it aint so. At least if you're going to hang out with this kid, don't sit your wallet down near him. He has a tendency to steal other people's money.

They should address this further

and I have to say I am a big fan of Ben Swann, but see his recent allegiance with Luke as something which increases his appeal to a certain libertarian market segment, but decreases his appeal and credibility as a journalist to many others, including libertarians. I'd like to see what the two of them have to say on this subject. I don't want to see Ben Swann running up to people on the sidewalk ambushing them with questions about the CFR or 9-11. Just like I don't want to see Tom Woods out on the streetcorner trying to be Alex Jones with a bullhorn yelling about false flags every other weekend.

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Good Conversation

Nice conversation on journalistic ethics failed often by MSM.

I tried to watch

this video but couldnt make it through. Im sure there is good stuff in there, but the song/game thing was so bad it made me uncomfortable, so I skipped ahead and it turned into a shakey handheld camera interview in the back of a Jeep. Oh well.

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Me too

I liked what I was hearing, just not enough to make it worth listening.