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Video - Women of Masanjia Slave Labor Camp

Warning - Disturbing Testimony

Typical life or lack thereof in a Chinese Re-education labor camp.


Interesting to note the similar production terms used there and But who is going to cut off their own gravy train?

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I worked on a project at Spalding Sporting Goods

where I was told that a few different cities in China put in bids for being Spalding's manufacturing plant. I don't recall if it was 2,000 workers for 5 years or 5,000 workers for 2 years, but it was one of the 2 that won the bid. We were discussing the costs of doing business in Massachusetts vs China.

I wonder if it was forced labor. It sure sounds like it.

If your upset by this please please know

The exact same only much more violent is occuring in the usa where 1 out of ever 100 (so the popular statistic goes), or some much larger number of humans are in corporate/government profit prisons as slaves.

This is a Rothschild monitary puppet government crime against humanity! (please note the structure always revolves around false debt based coal miner store force labor slave scams.

Cash Cons: American private jails reap record profits


Remember this when

You buy products labeled, "Made in China"

Her moxie saved her...