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NSA tapping links between google and yahoo's data centers infuriating engineers

The existing state of affairs in which government agencies and intelligence services work to insert backdoors into various hardware, software and networks is not only a problem in terms of civil rights but also represents a serious security risk to most users and the Internet itself, a recent report by the Citizen Lab says. And, the revelations of the U.S. surveillance programs of the last few months may also spawn a variety of copycat programs in emerging countries.

Some of the more explosive and troubling revelations to come out of the steady flow of NSA leaks this year have involved the U.S. government’s efforts to compromise encryption standards, software programs and Internet infrastructure used by millions and millions of people as part of intelligence-gathering operations. Documents made public in recent months show efforts by the NSA to influence the standards process at NIST, specifically regarding the Dual EC DRBG random number generator, which NIST has warned developers to stop using. There also have been allegations that the agency and its allies are tapping unencrypted links between data centers owned by Google and Yahoo, a revelation that has infuriated security engineers at Google.

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