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Super Edgy Comedian, Bill Maher, Tells Hilarious New Rape Joke

New article about "libertarian" gate-keeping shill, Bill Maher.. and end-around portrayal of how media works..


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Bill Maher

is an arrogant, patronizing child!

Religilous...even though I enjoyed the originality, was ruined by Bills Maher and his endless capacity to flawlessly portray God itself - he almost wanted to discredit God enough to be better than it.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

Two years ago...

I liked Bill Maher...

now: what a goddamn prick!! This guy is the legion of negativity and unfounded defamation.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

I really dislike Bill

I really dislike Bill Maher... like a lot, but when it comes to jokes, anything goes.. and I do mean anything. It is a joke for a reason. Words. No more.

You can't go and say you value the right to free speech and then jump on the political correctness bandwagon whenever it is useful to your own agenda... Hypocritical much?

Nothing to see here.


figured someone would also make this assumption..

I believe that Bill Maher CAN say anything he pleases. My piece is in no way "hypocritical."

My piece isn't even "pc."

I'm just..idk..CONSISTENT in my opposition to the brutal concept of "rape." And so.. I fail to see ANY humor in a prison rape joke. Surfmatt.. you can pepper the comment section of my blog with rape joke videos if you'd like..

I was hoping folks would be able to see that Bill Maher is being a hypocrite. THAT'S what I was trying to expose. It's hard to LASH OUT at unsavory "rape language" like Maher did against Akin..AND appear genuine in your repulsion..when you casually, repeatedly joke about rape.

Additionally, I wanted to show how this guys set/control the narrative..and flip the script whenever it's necessary.


Actually, I didn't find the

Actually, I didn't find the joke funny, as I usually don't find Maher funny anyway.

Your opposition is just that, yours... Doesn't mean that he can't or shouldn't say what he wants. I could care less what comes out of anyone's mouth when it's meant as satirical, because i'm smart enough to understand that I am in for comedy and not a serious discussion.

He's a hypocrite? That's not news... He's a little attention whore with a hollywood god complex. Who cares about this guy. He IS the joke.



Like I said.. Maher is free to say whatever he wants.. and I won't (can't) limit it to "satire."

Like it or not..he's an influential media brahh.. Just like Maddow, or Hannity, or O'Reilly, Hayes, Stewart, Colbert, Piers, Matthews, Cooper, O'Donnell...

Yeah.. they're all "jokes"...BUT they're setting the narrative.. and I want that to STOP. Exposing them as the shills they are.. bit by bit..HELPS.

So maybe there is SOMETHING "to see here."

Usually I think you pieces

Usually I think you pieces suck, but this was actually not bad in its points.

I did notice you pretended not to understand the perfectly clear meaning of "legitimate" in the phrase legitimate rape. He was simply distinguishing between valid claims and false claims, of which the latter account for a very high number of rape claims. Cases of legitimate rape are simply cases of legitimate claims of rape. Unless you have a poor grasp of English this should be clear.

The reason people were up in arms about the phrase and chose to try to misrepresent its meaning with obfuscation was that they wanted to divert attention from the fact that rape claims are generally unreliable. Its just politically incorrect in its implications.

thanks for the unnecessary,

thanks for the unnecessary, backhanded compliment.

The assumption you've made about my understanding of "legitimate" rape is incorrect. I was referring to his pseduo-scientific explanation of the process of conception following "forced" sexual intercourse.

no you weren't, you were

no you weren't, you were referring to the words legitimate rape. no point backpedaling now, unless you edit the text.

"Maher became a leading voice in the pile-on shaming of a dopey Republican politician, Todd Akin, who artlessly attempted to distinguish “legitimate rape” from the other kind of rape(?)."

I don't see the point of ever adding to the level of dishonesty out in the public discourse.

Other than that it was a good post. Maher is obviously very cool with politically correct forms of rape.

wait.. you're telling ME what

wait.. you're telling ME what I was implying? That's rich.

LET ME GUESS.... you didn't click the HYPERLINKED VIDEO.. which I edited..and uploaded to youtube..that talks about the pseudo-science aspect?

No need to "backpedal".. I know EXACTLY what I meant when I wrote that paragraph.

::scratches head:: i didn't

::scratches head:: i didn't say anything about implying, just quoted what you actually said.

Bill Maher is a prostitute

He accepts any donations from any groups.