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Your Favorite Music Album of All Time

Was there ever a music album that captured you so much to the point where it still inspires you today and gives you an instant chubby the moment you hear it without end forever and ever amen?

The moment I first heard this album, my life changed. There has never been an album that so agreed with me and my temporary worldly soul of existence.

Achtung Baby


The best album ever? To each his or her own.

I showed mine, what's yours?

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Appetite for Destruction

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just a few

Hüsker Dü - Zen Arcade
Butthole Surfers - Locust Abortion Technician
Dinosaur Jr. - Bug
Gillian Welch - Time (Revelator)
Uncle Tupelo - No Depression...

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Descendents All

Or maybe Queen's Night at the Opera

Or Nomeansno Wrong.

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I have 3...

1: The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
2: Frank Sinatra - Watertown
3: Steely Dan - Katy Lied

... not necessarily in that order.

My top 10, as I could never choose just one

1.) The Wall - Pink Floyd 2.) The Fragile- Nine inch Nails 3.) The Dark Side of the Moon- Pink Floyd 4.) The Downward Spiral- Nine Inch Nails 5.) Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band- The Beatles 6.) Songs for the Deaf- Queens of the Stone Age 7.) Abbey Road- The Beatles 8.) The Moon and Antartica- Modest Mouse 9.)Kid A- Radiohead 10.) OK Computer- Radiohead

In no particular order

Ever heard something that doesn't "fit" into any

genre and still stands the test of time?

That's Tool. THey would have had fans in the 60's (although smaller in quantity) and will still have, probably more, fans in 2030.

Maynard's perfectly pitched voice that has no limits in regards to tone nor measure (Eulogy's vocal solo).

Adam Jones' less techy, yet perfectly chosen notes that amplify the synchronization of the entire song(s).

Justin Chancellor's (Formerly WA's own Paul D'Amour) clearly heard bass lines, which is hard to come by today. Not to mention catchy as hell (46&2 comes to mind).

And last, but surely the most: Danny fucking Carey. THe man, imho, is better than what some call "the best that ever was." And I"m talking about John Henry Bonham from Led Zeppelin. How ironic that Danny Carey (and tool) covers the song "No Quarter" with flying colors

As a drummer, I can't explain in words how this man operates/creates his art. He's reaching the age of 50 shortly and still has enough strength to muscle out The Grudge's solo at the end (And Aenema's, and 46&2's and, and, and, etc, etc, etc).

Now I'm going to go watch Rachel Maddow lie her ass off about Obamacare so I can see what the SHeep are being told.


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Nothing to Add

as far as a personal fave here, but I can say I've purchased and been absorbed by just one Tool album, '10,000 Days'.

Riveting stuff, melodic and technically awesome, and you can totally groove to it without any inducement, if you know what I mean.

I know what you mean, my friend.

But that "green" inducement makes it all the more beautiful, imo.

To me, it honestly feels like ET from some other solar system created this music. THere is none other like it. Not even close to anything I"ve ever heard.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

John Prine's self-titled

John Prine's self-titled album "John Prine" is in my opinion a work of modern poetry. "Sam Stone" is the greatest song ever written in my opinion, and expresses the human costs of war in a way no other song does.

Junkie Sam is pretty morose

Junkie Sam is pretty morose but digesting readers digest, that topless lady, and say hello ad a lot of levity and optimism. Mr Prine never outdone himself after his first record.

Thick as a Brick Jethro

Thick as a Brick

Jethro Tull.

"I can make you feel but I can't make you think"

Throwing Copper

Throwing Copper- Live

not that is a hard question....

I would have to say The Band by The Band at this point in my life...

I enjoy most music but what inspires me tends to change with time... Although I never lose appreciation.

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I ran an alternative/indie radio station for several years

Music has always been a huge part of my life and looking back at those albums that shaped me I'd have to pick more than 1... and I don't think i could put them in any order.

The Thermals - The Body, The Blood, The Machine
Jimi Hendrix - Ultimate Experience
Nirvana - Live Unplugged in NY
Sublime - Sublime
Sublime 40oz to Freedom
Sage Francis - Fuck Bush MotherFucker (Ok, so I only picked that for the album title)
Cloud Cult - The Meaning of 8
Pearl Jam - TEN
Tool - Aenema

It'd take another 3-4 pages to really list everything... I guess the above are the short-short list.

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Jar of Flies- by Alice in Chains

The album (or EP rather) holds a special place in my heart because my best friend (whom i met in rehab) gave it to me when he was done at the halfway house, moved away and tragically died a few years later, this was in 2001. R.I.P Ian Morand

Amazing EP. Depressing, yet beautiful and it holds the title of being the first EP EVER to hit #1 in the charts.

turn up the bass

"I am Troll fighter, number one"



Dark Side of the Moon, by Pink Floyd

Amused to Death (Roger Waters), and War of the Worlds.
Still love these 3 among many others.

Then and now

Then - Time Out - Dave Brubeck
Now - The Ragpicker's Dream - Mark Knopfler

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

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Tool - Lateralus



One of my all time favorite songs.

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That'll put a kink in your neck...

...Worse than a Night at the Roxbury....

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?


No chub, might get a speeding ticket though.


Genesis - Selling England by the Pound

I have never tired of that one.

The Prodigy- Music for the Jilted Generation

While they've stayed out of politics for the most part, this album shows some anger at the UK govt, after their crackdown on live raves. This is the album that saw them move from rave music to something stronger... almost 20 years old, but still sounds fresh as ever: "fuck 'em, and their law!"


not my favorite on the album. 'full throttle', 'break & enter' and the entire 3-track narcotic suite are sex to my ears!

Astral Weeks

Van Morrison

One Of My Very Favorites

Before political correctness made releasing songs like "Cypress Avenue" (and "Good Morning Little School Girl" and "I Saw Her Standing There) all but impossible.

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I would have to go with

The Who "Who's Next" album.

Baba O'Riley
My Wife
Love Ain't for keeping
The Song is Over
Getting in Tune
Going Mobile
Behind Blue Eyes
Won't Get Fooled Again
Pure and Easy
Baby Don't You Do It
Naked Eye
Too Much of Anything
I Don't Even Know Myself
Behind Blue Eyes (remix)

Not a bad tune on this album. Several Epic Classics.

LOVE who's next

the ONLY song i do not like on that album is "Water"

That's batting pretty well though...loving 15 out of the 16 songs....not many albums like that.

"I am Troll fighter, number one"



Saw them three times...

...twice before Moon died.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Deep Purple

Machine Head --> Deep Purple
1 Highway Star 6:06
2 Maybe I’m a Leo 4:52
3 Pictures of Home 5:07
4 Never Before 4:00
5 Smoke on the Water (25th Anniversary Remaster) 3:44
6 Lazy 7:23
7 Space Truckin' 4:32

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King of America

by Elvis Costello


Aimee Mann Bachelor #2


Pixies Bossanova

OR Morrissey's Vauxhall and I

OR Rolling Stones Hot Rocks

Or Crowded House Together ALone

Don't get me going.

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