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I'm a software engineer hoping to contribute to the Freedom Movement

I'm not very active on DP but I've been an avid reader for several years. This community has inspired me in so many ways. My two passions in life are liberty and software engineering. I've tried numerous times in the past to tie the two together and nothing has ever really worked out. I respect Michael Nystrom so much for what he has done here.

That being said, I'm still looking for an opportunity to volunteer my skill set to the cause of Liberty. I imagine there are many people in the Daily Paul community who have an idea but are not programmers. Well, I'm a programmer but don't have a great idea. I'm a software engineer by trade, specializing in web application development and I just wanted to make myself available to anyone who has a business idea, website idea, or perhaps already has something and just needs additional help.

Thanks for your time.

Great resource for other software professionals on here::

Comment posted by navom1

I am a Sr. Software Systems Engineer, I was also a Ron Paul delegate for Massachusetts to the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa Florida.

I have been working on a master software system to be used in New Hampshire for the benefit of all Liberty lovers.

to that end, I have created a group called "Software Engineers for liberty." if you are interested in helping,please join the group and state what your software proficiencies are (Java, C#,etc.) . PLEASE, ONLY SOFTWARE ENGINEERS.


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Online textbook archive

I posted this here


but posting it in your topic also so you'll see it.

he asked lee bright
Submitted by wraiththirteen on Mon, 11/18/2013 - 17:01. Permalink

dont you think our standards should go up.

I would like to point out if you want our school standards to go up grab some of the school books used in the 1850's till the 1880's and use those books for math and english. The only problem would be that so many teachers would be unable to do the work of the 5th graders back then.

This would be a great idea
Submitted by Spigy on Mon, 11/18/2013 - 18:54. Permalink

This would be a great idea for that DP software engineer looking for a liberty project. Start an online archive of old textbooks and link it to Ron Paul's home schooling plan. I bet several people on this site would be happy to dig up old textbooks to send him or scan for him. And if he was really ambitious he could auto consolidate similar information and go as far as highlighting suspect information. Don't censor the information, just change the font to red.

Please contact ASAP

Thanks for the post

Please reach out to me at adil@libertyiowa.com

or our current head of software whose name is Aaron, he said he'll reach out to you via FB

have you tried

offering your services directly to say ben swann or ron pauls new think tank. im sure they could use some help here and there.


Can you make a virus that will crash Obama?...

... I'm pretty sure he's a machine.

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." -- James Madison



we still badly need help from someone who either knows drupal, or wants to learn drupal, for help arranging the group website. i contacted a developer about doing the theme for real $, which i'd rather not pay, but it would be very helpful to get the framework more nailed down (panels and omega 4 interplay) before formalizing that proposal to an outside contractor.

I could use your services...

I donate a good chunck of my time to a private school in a third world country. Essentially I am trying to transform this school into a Libertarian School. Currently I have completed year 1 of a new three year rotation of ideas; liberty with responsibility, natural rights and blind justice. The transformation is working but I can only do so much.

Currently I do not have even a website; why? because it takes time to go after getting it done. Yeah I could get some simple thing done but it wouldn't be much use here. I need something that my teachers can put the kids grades in, write notes, all that good stuff. And then the kids to each be able to log in and look at grades, talk to the teacher, see class notes, etc. I have seen a few websites, but they are not in Spanish, or they don't have the features I need or just too much stuff that I don't use.

Anyhow, this is something that will eventually get done, but is on hold for at least another year until I get other things done.

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try moodle!

It's open source and is awesome.

Google is government.

This sounds interesting.

Please private message me and this might be something we can discuss moving forward.


Phone System and Voter Database for Liberty Campaigns

I believe the Paul campaign paid aournd 4K/month (one campaign office) for the phone system and software used to call Delegates and get them to conventions.

This capability can be built on the opensoftware package "Asterisk"

Very useful would be phone system that ties into a campaign database.

Database pushes a contact to the phone system, phone system displays name, district, town to the volunteer as it dials the phone.

volunteer pushes buttons on phone to walk thru scripts and collect responses which go back into database.

This could be worked with voip phones, smart phones or soft phones.

This capability lets campaigns run low budget campaigns.



How about an android app -

Which encrypts your SMS text messages using a password you choose and sends the scrambled message out which can be recieved by someone else with the app and decrypted using a password which only you and them know.

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Idea: Liberty Achievements tracker

Gamify liberty activism. Create a website where people can earn game-like "achievements" and virtual awards for doing things in the liberty movement, like contributing to candidates, helping canvass a neighborhood, reading important books, whatever. Make a web widget that's easy to embed in other web pages and in your "signature" or "profile page" on liberty discussion forums like the Daily Paul, where you can show off your liberty bling.

This idea might require some work to figure out if you want some or all achievements to just be on the honor system, or if you want to create a way to verify that they really did reach that achievement.

Idea: House Party coordination web/mobile app

Web/mobile app for helping organize fundraising house parties for liberty candidates. A house party is where you get a bunch of people together, in a private home or other small venue, to hear from a candidate, or someone speaking on behalf of the candidate, or watch a video of the candidate, and pass the hat for campaign contributions to that candidate. It can serve as both a way to network with other supporters, as well as to expose new people to your candidate and turn them into supporters. And of course fundraise.

House parties are a proven method for raising awareness and funds for a candidate, and were used to great effect by Ron Paul supporters in both 2008 and 2012.

The problem is, you have to be superman (or woman) to be able to pull off a house party all by yourself. So the app would make it easier by letting different people signal their willingness to play different roles in helping create a house party in their area, and it would help connect people in an area with others to make sure all the roles get filled.

Some roles include:
- Venue. You have a suitable house or other meeting place you can volunteer to hold the party.
- Host[ess]. You're a people person who would be great at greeting people, working the room, keeping the meeting moving (introducing the speaker or the video, passing the hat, etc.).
- Speaker
- Refreshments
- Cleanup
- Publicity - finding ways to let like minded or potential supporters know about the party and get them to come.
- Treasurer - Someone who'll either help people make online contributions while at the venue, or take cash donations and make sure the donations are properly recorded and the funds properly given to the campaign. Or, if you make it clear that you're doing it for a grassroots booster group that is intentionally independent of the campaign, you make that clear and you make sure the money gets used well by the independent group.
- Materials coordinator - If you want to make DVDs, super brochures, slim jims, hard signs, bumper stickers, etc. available at the party, this is the person in charge of brining them, getting them handed out to people that will use them, and take the leftover materials back to the campaign or over to the next event.
- Followup - you'd be willing to contact the people who came to see if they'd like to continue to be involved in helping the efforts to get your candidate elected. "Leaders create more leaders."
- Attendee - You're not ready to commit to an active role, but you'd like to come to a house party and meet people and possibly make a donation. You want to be notified of house parties in your area so you can attend.

So the app lets people sign up, say who they are and where they are, and which kinds of roles they'd be willing to do, and then helps match them up with others whose aptitudes complement theirs, until all the roles are filled. Then it would help them agree on a date and time, and provides a communication medium for coordination activities.

Boy do I have the thing for you...


I am a Sr. Software Systems Engineer, I was also a Ron Paul delegate for Massachusetts to the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa Florida.

I have been working on a master software system to be used in New Hampshire for the benefit of all Liberty lovers.

to that end, I have created a group called "Software Engineers for liberty." if you are interested in helping,please join the group and state what your software proficiencies are (Java, C#,etc.) . PLEASE, ONLY SOFTWARE ENGINEERS.


I like what you are doing

I am also from NH. I am also a software engineer and a business owner. Unfortunately I don't use facebook.



This is the kind of programming i am most interested in for sure

It came about BECAUSE of the NSA scandals, but i always hoped that devs who do this also do so for liberties sake first......not to knock this devs work, as i really appreciate that not many people focus in this area, defensive security, plus its essentially free, as the paid version just allows you to backup the settings and download community setting....spmething that can be done by a third party app

Saying that, i love hearing "devs" who are willing to contribute, its like music to the ear.......hell, explaining a programs function or code, that i cant make heads or tails off, is a huge contribution in my eyes, just knowing you guys MIGHT be there to help us out, in that respect, when/if you can, is a major boon

How about no name email

Where you don't collect any information on users and emails are deleted every 24 hours at midnight every night no records are kept.
If you could do that for a 1 dollar or two a year you will make millions that you could use support Liberty candidates.
Liberty email might even be a good name.

+1 Programmer

I am also a programmer specializing in web application development with a BSB from a Big Ten business school.

I am fluent in Ruby with Rails/Sinatra, Javascript, HTML5, CSS, Postgres/MySQL. I use Git for version control. I use Linux for development and hosting and have available resources on my existing Linode VPS.

I'm a libertarian with a small 'l' who embraces anyone who is in any way Liberty-minded, regardless of political party, and regardless of how mature their understanding of Liberty is. I am welcoming and non-hostile.

I am open to Liberty-related projects either for or not-for-profit, closed or open-source. Although I am employed, I do have the freedom to pursue other projects from 10-40hrs per week depending on my level of excitement and commitment. I am financially stable and would prefer ownership to salary.

Feel free to message me about anything.

Lets make congress obsolete

Lets make congress obsolete and use todays communication abilities to put the people in charge of our house.

remove the lobbying and corruption

it is our only hope.


a kickstarter for court cases is a decent idea.. but only if it catches on. It could do well.
I personally am lazily starting a clothing company. and im wanting to make real good quality t shirts with liberty related designs.. shirts to raise awareness about Austrian economics, drones, the nsa, the drug war, blue on blue, the 2 party system, the tsa, gun control. I had a t shirt company in the past but my business partners ended up screwing me over pretty good. but this is the kind of t shirts we made, im hoping to do these types of shirts again, but only a little more political.

Here are some examples of shirts i made for my old company

Uncle sam front http://www.conflict420.com/Clothing/Uncle_Sam/1.jpg

Uncle sam back http://www.conflict420.com/Clothing/Uncle_Sam/2.jpg

Fight terrorism front http://www.conflict420.com/Clothing/Fight_Terrorism/1.jpg

Fight terrorism back http://www.conflict420.com/Clothing/Fight_Terrorism/2.jpg

If any of you know anyone who is good at any aspect of web design or t shirt design.. Let me know.


One stop shopping along the lines of the idea of Pricewatch whereby a shopper can invest in anti-despotism insurance (a.k.a. voluntary free market government)

Possible examples:



The idea is similar to the idea of shopping for computer parts whereby the high quality and low price market leaders are listed first on the first page, and any lesser competitors follow in a logical order.

Same idea only this time the idea is for shoppers to shop for the highest quality and lowest cost currency.




Shoppers may advertize on the one stop shopping network so as to get their competitive hat in the ring.

I also have some ideas concerning how to visually illustrate the concept of Liberty, but that may be a tough thing to express with words to a point at which the thing imagined exists in digital form.


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I am also a software engineer, looking to contribute

I tend to have more ideas than time to pursue them. Sometimes, I purchase a domain for these ideas. So far I have:

medicalprices.net (the .com was taken but is parked for selling)

I just started learning Drupal. If you're interested in helping to build any of these, let me know! I'll describe my idea for each, briefly.


Bought many years ago; my thinking has evolved beyond where it was when I bought it (I'm mostly anarchist these days), but it may still prove useful. It would be a site similar to kickstarter, but instead of projects, the funding goes towards legal challenges. Once a project has been funded, an attorney would then be contracted with to go to court and challenge the law, the goal being to remove it from the books. Companies would benefit from removing inefficient legislation, so they would be inclined to donate to help fix the spaghetti mess we're in. And another goal would be to change the legal landscape to make it harder to pass new laws, and easier to remove existing laws.


Fairly self-explanatory, came about after the Tax Day Bombing and the discussion on here that many of the people might have been actors. So the idea is to build up something like a "public FBI file" on state actors, so that we could better identify danger when it comes to town. Likely these people have a "social surface area" which could be mined (Facebook, Twitter, LifeInvader, Bleeter, etc). Turn the surveillance state back on itself.


Just a week ago or so there was a discussion about having a site which compared medical prices, and this was available.


Also about a week ago, there was a discussion about electing anarchists to office, so that they could then work to remove the office they were elected to. I think it'd be really neat to have an actual party for those who want to do away with parties. Somewhat similar to the way I view my software career: I automate, and thus my goal in any job is to teach the computer to do my job, eliminating it. So I bought this one as well.

I'd appreciate any help in getting these off the ground, if you are so inclined. And even if not -- thanks for reaching out!

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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Yet another idea

This idea would be a non-liberty related website but maybe could become profitable and we could donate the profits (or at least some %) to liberty causes. But could you private message me about this one if you're interested.

Another idea

I've been thinking about launching a liberty based website but I've got other things on my plate right now. If I spent the money on the site, maybe you could build it? The idea would be to have different "sections" aimed at people who are still sleeping but open to the idea of waking up. An example of a section would be something like "militarized police" and then have a bunch of videos/articles related to that. Other section ideas (off the top lf my head) could be:

Media bias
Propaganda tricks (e.g. Obama referring to the constitution as "traditions and values" as opposed to "the supreme law of the land")
Crony capitalism
Environmental issues

I have an idea

Maybe you can volunteer your IT skills to an investigative journalism site. I'm pretty sure WhoWhatWhy.com is looking for help in several IT areas. It's a great site and the guy who runs it (Russ Baker) wrote an outstanding book called Family Of Secrets. I can get you in touch w someone from there if you're interested. I've actually met Russ before so I have contact info.

Russ Baker is fantastic

I would absolutely consider helping out with whowhatwhy. I would just need to see if their needs matched my skill set. Thank you.


Thanks so much

For all of your replies. This really is an awesome community. To further clarify, I am not a visual designer at all, just a programmer. I do write UI code, but don't do the actual designs.

Thank you again!


Ideas for freedom

I have a few ideas that I haven't been able to pursue due to my lack of computers. I would need a serious web designer and a program writer.

The ideas I have mostly surround the idea of money and how to improve it. I don't wish to go into details but if you have interest in something like that then let me know, it would be a serious project though.

Would like to hear more

Feel free to PM me. Thanks for the reply.


What you can do....

Thank you.

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