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I'm a software engineer hoping to contribute to the Freedom Movement

I'm not very active on DP but I've been an avid reader for several years. This community has inspired me in so many ways. My two passions in life are liberty and software engineering. I've tried numerous times in the past to tie the two together and nothing has ever really worked out. I respect Michael Nystrom so much for what he has done here.

That being said, I'm still looking for an opportunity to volunteer my skill set to the cause of Liberty. I imagine there are many people in the Daily Paul community who have an idea but are not programmers. Well, I'm a programmer but don't have a great idea. I'm a software engineer by trade, specializing in web application development and I just wanted to make myself available to anyone who has a business idea, website idea, or perhaps already has something and just needs additional help.

Thanks for your time.

Great resource for other software professionals on here::

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I am a Sr. Software Systems Engineer, I was also a Ron Paul delegate for Massachusetts to the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa Florida.

I have been working on a master software system to be used in New Hampshire for the benefit of all Liberty lovers.

to that end, I have created a group called "Software Engineers for liberty." if you are interested in helping,please join the group and state what your software proficiencies are (Java, C#,etc.) . PLEASE, ONLY SOFTWARE ENGINEERS.


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Cryptogrpahy is the key for liberty.

if you dont want the NSA to know all about you. Create a peer to peer encrypted facebook. As the Stazi grows, people will look for it increasingly.

If you want privacy in your communication. Build an encrypted P2P email service, text service, Skype service.

Uninflatable money supply? Help Bitcoin grow, or start another crypto-currency with superior features.

Open source, P2P, Encrypted. That is the magic. Even though they are open source, I can think of ways to monetize all of these things, if you need help.

Protect your assets and profit from the greatest wealth transfer in history.


For a P2P facebook I had an idea that very small amounts of bitcoin could be used for "likes". Make them voluntary, and you can change the amount, and its an easy donation system anyone can participate in easily.

A P2P Netflix system would be cool but I think it would be more of a Pirate Bay style project. Is there a way to combine torrents and streaming? Thinking of all the torrents out there already, and getting them free over encrypted network instantly... It would kill cable. If its possible I see it as inevitable, but how will the industry adapt? How will they make money? Will people still produce programs for donation? Would shows and movies feature advertising as plot-points? I don't know. Maybe there will be Kickstarter drives to create programs like there was for "Bee and Puppycat". That was very successful, but to continue the series I'm sure they'll need that Cartoon Network money.

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freedom friendly businesses directory

how about a site directory for freedom friendly businesses... users can post businesses and they can be ranked or commented on by other users whether they are a liberty encouraging business or not

Something that would be interesting

How are you with game engines? I have been looking at strategy game engines with the idea of creating a (slightly accelerated) real time addicting online game to load on my server. A game where users can come create or join a country that can interact with others such as trade and banking (or not). A place where all the theories of minimal government, free-market economies, anarchy, open borders, Etc. can all be tried and proven to succeed or fail. It could very well be educational for everyone 10 years or older and teach very big lessons that might spread to real life outlooks.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

I have an idea

I am planning to announce my idea in a couple of months. I have been working on this idea for the past few years. It is an adaptable internet application framework. This application adapts to people instead of people adapting to the various applications to carry on with their day-to-day tasks. This is patented recently. I have been running my current business for the past 13 years, which again is based on my patented idea.

I will be needing help from DP community and beyond.

What type of software programs do you write?

"Web application development" feels a little vague. It makes a great deal of difference, as communicating the message is the most important thing anyone can do for the liberty movement. My method of communication is through writing, graphic arts and video production. I am strong at writing,fairly strong at video production and direction, but weak at graphic arts (no illustrative skills). I need an illustrator more than anything else.

Here is link to a recent example of my work. All of the artwork was created using graphics gleaned from the Internet.


I build

mostly database-backed web applications. My technology of choice is Ruby on Rails, Javascript, mysql/postgres, sass.

I'm not a visual designer at all. I write code.



I've been sitting on 2 specific ideas related to the freedom movement.

I'd love to run them past you - do you have an email I can use ?

You should be able to private message me



If you have UI experience, particularly design

Ron Paul's new http://www.ronpaulmd.com website could use your help because it looks terrible. It's a visual injustice to the greatness of Ron Paul. Please help fix it if you are able. Thank you.

Have you considered how you

Have you considered how you might want to structure your compensation?
What kind of hours are you available on a weekly basis? 4? 8? 20?
As a layman, I don't yet know, the difference between what you do and what a web designer does.
Do you get involved in any design work?

I have some ideas on liberty sites in the future

but I'm too busy to implement them now. Right now I'm just running the basic site in my signature. After the 2014 elections I want to create an information hub for liberty candidates where people can just select their district and see the Federal, state and local liberty candidates, get on email distribution lists that are specific to their categorical choose (district, state, candidate, etc).

I will certainly hit you up for advice when I make the transition.

Tu ne cede malis.

2014 Liberty Candidate Webpage:

2014 Liberty Candidate Thread:

I think one thing that needs to be done, is for more people

to verify code of stuff like Bitcoin, red phone, text secure