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Pot vaporizer. Very Cool!

The Pax: Available for $250 at ploom.com

How the Pax — the iPod of pot vaporizers — works

Step 1: Once the battery is fully charged, open up the magnetic oven compartment on the bottom. Experts recommend grinding the weed first, which increases surface area.

Step 2: Close the compartment and click the retractable mouthpiece, which will snap into the ‘‘on’’ position. The light on the side glows different colors while it is heating. Once it’s green, it’s ready to use.

Step 3: Put the mouthpiece between your lips and inhale. Short, quick puffs are all that is needed. Even if it doesn’t look like anything is coming out, it is. Good indicators that it’s done? The product will turn a dark brown color and have a burnt-popcorn taste and smell.

Step 4: When finished, just push the mouthpiece back in to return it to “off” mode. Don’t throw away the leftovers! Depending on how long the product has been vaped and how well it has been ground, it may still have an effect: The Internet is rife with recipes for stoners who use leftovers to make pot butter for baked goods.


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You can't smell a thing.....

People are doing it everywhere now. With the electronic cig things.

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The invisible hand of the market @ work since Nov 2013?

While I have no knowledge of this particular product, their claim that their competitor, Atmosrx's, pen product costs $190 is not currently accurate. I just went to www.atmosrx.com and the models start at $39 and I know someone who got one on eBay for $29.

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wounder if it will vape DMT over parsley?

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?


I really enjoy mine.

I already posted about it here:


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How in the world did I miss this?

I searched but somehow missed your post, which is an excellent one full of excellent information. Appreciate it!

Thank you.

Glad you enjoyed it!

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Thoughts on flying with your vape

I'm going to vegas and the airport in denver has outlawed marijuana posession. I have a globe vape pen cartridge I use to vape wax. Has anyone travelled with their vapes? My options are, fly with my current dirty globe atomizer and risk a possible fine or worse in Vegas, buy a clean globe and take that to vegas, use it there and dump it. Or mail my atomizer to the hotel.

I haven't flown since 2005, so I am really in the dark on this. The safest option seems to buy a clean globe atomizer. The wax I plan on taking is tiny, in a plastic container, and easy to hide, but smelly. Any suggestions? Should I just fed ex it all?

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Just pack it in your checked

Just pack it in your checked bag and forget about it.

If it is completely clean there shouldn't be a problem.

I had my first 'tobacco' ecig taken away on the airplane. I had no idea they weren't allowed. Of course this was several years ago before the media began preaching the 'evils' of not smoking regular cigarettes.

You look to have a great 'safest option' imo.

Time for a reHash, please help me.

I have had my vapolution vaporizer for about 12 years now and I love it, WHEN I actually get it out. It has all the chords and such for being somewhat 'portable' but it is nearly impossible to stash. So now I am looking for a good portable vaporizer that will last me through a couple of rounds of golf, an afternoon fishing, a 4 wheeler ride down the river..scratch that one..the river is left handed cig territory. Anyway, you get the drift. Will be using regular dried herb processed with a grinder. Approximately 60% Mexican brick and 40% "wow, what just happened".

Does anyone have good advice? Advice actually obtained by buying and using these contraptions preferably. I'd like to be able to ride the ole golf cart to the 'meeting shack' for our nightly 'safety meeting' and be able to share the experience with a couple of other 'foremen' in our safety company. :)

Looking for..smaller the better, long life between charges, ease of use, and of course getting the job done. In a safe like manner of course. Safety first!

My advice is to ditch the 60%

My advice is to ditch the 60% brick garbage :-)

I am working on that one.

But given my location it isn't the easiest thing to do. Town of 200 and 100 miles from the nearest city. I need logistics, but UPS doesn't want to help me out on this one.


Get the Pax. Nothing else even comes close. I am reluctant to spend 279 FRNs on ANYTHING, but I'm glad I did.

1 charge. 18 holes. PAX.

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I have decided to take the plunge

It better be good or it's your head in a basket...laundry basket that is. haha Thanks for the info!

You won't regret it

Initially there is a learning curve.

Here are some tips to maximize efficiency:

Grind your product as fine as possible.

Start on the lowest setting.

Take slow short pulls.

Once it starts to fade, open the chamber.

Be careful! It's hot.

Use a tee or whatever you have that is available and relatively clean to smash the rest of the product that's left in the chamber.

Turn temp up to medium.

Repeat process listed above until you aren't getting anymore vapor.

Empty the chamber and Put the vaped product in a glass jar.

You can grind this stuff into powder then revape on the highest setting.

You will notice differences in the way you feel in relation to the temperature settings.

My method is for maximum efficiency, but find what works best for you.

If you are looking to blast off ASAP:

Pack it tight and put it on the highest setting.

Hope this helps to get you started. Let me know of you have any questions!

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Thank you much!

I can't wait to get it in and try it. I'm assuming that at high settings it would be just like my old green vapolution and smell like burning popcorn. Gotta do what you gotta do though!

Lol "secret stoners" And it

Lol "secret stoners"

And it is recorded in our history books that the secret stoners rose up against the oppression of the illuminati, in one final battle sorrounded in a haze of love....dum dum dum

Oh yeah, i can see it now......

that's right... P.O.T. - People Opposing Tyranny!!!

Check out my profile to see our new symbol, created by yours truly; Lawmanjed...

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

damn, thats uncanny, you

damn, thats uncanny, you sure your not part of these secret stoners :P

;}--~ Decoding the symbol....

In case you cannot see some of the lettering, the symbols says; 'Sic' 'Semper' 'Evello' 'Mortem' 'Tyrannis' inside the outline of the 5 sides of the pentagon (pentagon represents strength)...

Under the pot Tree in the middle of the symbol it reads; 'Tree of Life and Liberty', which refers to both the Biblical tree of life, and Jefferson's tree of liberty, and is drawing a parallel to the cannabis tree...

Next to the 'eye of G-d' symbol watching over the tree of life it says; 'Genesis' '1:29', this refers to the line in the Bible where G-d gives all herbs and plants to Man for nourishment...

Under the Tree are the don't-tread-on-me-serpent, and the dove of peace, each representative of POT's ideology by themselves, but together they represent Jesus' advice to be "Wise as Serpents and Gentle as Doves", and they guard the tree of life/liberty...

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

"Good indicators that it’s

"Good indicators that it’s done? The product will turn a dark brown color and have a burnt-popcorn taste and smell."

Two birds, one stone


merchant spam

i wonder why this is on the front page.

i was actually considering the PAX and a few other portable vapes, lol. what a coincidence this pops up on the Daily Paul today.

Has anyone tried

Snoop's vape? I haven't yet but the wife and I are looking to invest. $250 is a little on the steep end and Snoop's G Pen is only $100.

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Know your medication

It depends on what you are vaping, pen vapes are notoriously bad for dry herbs, there are few that can though. If you are using concentrates then almost all of them will work. I would go with something like an Arizer Solo or Pinnacle Pro to start with for herbs.

Wow $250?

While not my thing, I can find Vape pens in SoCal (MMJ patients) for as low as $20... Cartridges for @$40gm.

not related

those pens are vaping oils/concentrates... which is the same as any nicotine vape pen.

The dry bud vape pens are much more expensive

Your right, sorry

$29.99 for dry vape pen.

I was looking at that

I was looking at that yesterday, my buddy has one and it is awesome! I had the iolite but it broke, it was an auto-regulating butane vaporizer which was amazing. I could take that thing to any job, area, building, in public, and noone had a clue, thought it was a phone or an asthma inhaler of some sort.

Now stoners are wising up and smoking less. In fact now many have turned to 'dabbing' instead of smoking 'fruit' or the bud part of the marijuana plant.
Dabbing can be cleaner, less to vaporize, and not as stinky to have laying around. Dabbing is basically hash-oil or wax which is the trichomes or 'crystals' from the plant buds and leaves. The crystals are but one major element involved with the 'high' process of consuming. So instead of smoking physical matter, they condense the crystals to a waxy, gummy sticky liquid that is often 5-15x the strength of smoking it.

If you still have the iolite

I might be able to guide you through the repair process. That is, if you are interested.

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oils versus smoking flower has its pros and cons

Most of the oils are made with chemicals (butane ) and need a good purge or winterization process done to them or you can get that "snap crackle pop" happening.

The issue with oils as well is in many states it is looked at legally in a higher context as an extract and even medical marijuana growers with cards are not legally allowed to make the extracts even though we all do it. When you get caught with oils versus flower IF a cop knows what it is, there could be harsher jail time compared to bud.

I do mine without butane though, I know that when made with butane there really isn't much harm being done to your body/lungs BUT when making meds for others I feel it best to use the cleanest process possible especially those with cancer and other ailments.

As far as vapes go, I love the vape pens especially when on the go. The odor that comes from it is a HUGE difference compared to smoking out of a chillum or pipe for sure.

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