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Caught On Tape: Obamacare Navigators Counsel Applicants To "lie"

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Obama using health care to make Texas a 'blue' state

Thought that was interesting!

See 5:45 and after.

"Battleground Texas" at 7:21** 2014 Elections +

Lying navigators in Texas - Ben Swann should do a follow-up to his original piece.

The government not only *offers* welfare...

...they advertize it, they actively promote it; they encourage people to apply who otherwise would not, while intentionally subverting their own eligibility requirements. Why? Because the government wants as many people dependent as possible.

If the purpose of the welfare-state is to reduce poverty, it is counterproductive, as we libertarians always point out. If the purpose is to reduce poverty, at the lowest possible cost, they're going it about all wrong. But that is not its purpose! Misguided humanitarianism might animate the useful idiots on the left, but those in positions of power have no such illusions. For them, the welfare-state is a tool to subvert the existing social order, so that they can create a new social order - namely, socialism. When the socialists came to this country, they were disappointed to find that there was no proletariat to carry out the revolution: so they set out to create one.

These "community organizations" that assist in welfare enrollment have historically been run by communists; I mean literal, card-carrying members of Communist Party USA. Since the collapse of the USSR, the Communist Party itself has withered away, but its former members and successor organizations are still out their pursuing their strategy of subversion. One of its fellow travelers has been living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for the last five years.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

It may be interesting to add that licensed insurance agents

Are excluded from involvement in the ACA. State licensed insurance agents are insured, most are bonded and all have extensive back ground checks. State insurance departments regulate any and all violations of impropriety or any violation of code requirements. So instead, unlicensed navigators with no back ground checks, no knowledge of the insurance business or the extensive regulatory laws that apply, who are not bonded nor insured are recruited to compile personal data including SS#s.

What could possibly go wrong? LOL

Lmao, youre so right.

Lmao, youre so right.