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Michele Bachmann: "I lost my insurance - I have a husband with very significant health issues. We have to have health insurance"

Michele Bachmann: "I lost my insurance - I have a husband with very significant health issues. We have to have health insurance"


By TAL KOPAN | 11/15/13 6:12 AM EST

Rep. Michele Bachmann says she is one of the people who lost their health insurance because of Obamacare and she won’t go shopping on a health exchange until it’s fixed.

“Are you kidding? I’m not going to waste an hour on that thing,” the Minnesota Republican said when Wolf Blitzer asked her on CNN on Thursday if she’d signed up on the exchange website. “I lost my health insurance under Obamacare. And so now I’m forced to go into the D.C. health exchange. I’m waiting until they fix this thing. I’m not going to sit there and frustrate myself for hours and hours.”

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The far right......

This lady was the so called far right, staunch conservative during the last popularity vote ?

She has a disease and now wants insurance........uh, the risk is 100%
Total fallacy to think one can insure against a 100% risk.

Medical insurance has been eliminated, it is now extinct. The species died during this ladies term in congress.

Next she will utter the words - "healthcare" when talking about admittance into the wall street ponzi scheme known as managed care.

Government takeover of medicine my butt, this is wall street takeover of everything, period. Not a free market, not based on capital

these paid off monkeys think it wont

trickle over to them. Obama infact is signing his own death warrant with Obama care, he is a useless pawn to the powers that be also. The ones in the "know" get chopped down first, as the saying goes the only way to keep a secret between 3 people is to kill two of them. The ones in positions of power who know all the secrets will be the first ones to disappear when the whole real truth comes out. Some of these turds will outlive the truth and some won't, I am waiting and hopefully will be awake to see that day when all comes to the surface. If you see politicians on fire on national TV, head for the hills.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Why doesn't the Swiss Miss use her Swiss Citizenship?

Can't she get socialized medicine through her dual citizenship in Switzerland.

That right there makes me call traitor on her rear. How can you be a federal-level representative and a citizen of another country.

Jefferson's picture


"health" issues can be traced back to eating habits. Just sayin'

Being a demonic, hypocritical, warmongering, soulless, genocidal maniac, rip off artist, MIC prostitute, probably isn't too healthy either. (Did I miss anything?) I don't care what this nasty creature has to say about any subject. She's been tossed in the bin of irrelevance, a long time ago. But thanks for the opportunity to vent...

(notice the guy lower left. He seems to be enjoying the moment....;)

Corn batter 10 cents
Processed beef frank 59 cents
Stick 5 cents
Being in the right place to get a perfect photo op? (for photoshop)

BTW, this wasn't an attack on carnival food. I like my rare occasional funnel cake just like the next guy.

Oh Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo...

Geez, We feel so bad for you.

We know how you like to borrow money and go into debt Michelle.

Don't look to Ron Paul for any sympathy. You crapped all over the good doctor during the debates and made millions of enemies for yourself.

Michelle, Ma Vaffanculo!

I asked her what her husband's health problems were

She said that the disease of homosexuality was taking over his mind and body.

Who can find a better 'Thumbnail' diagnosis of the GOP and RNC!

Amen DocNo2!

Way to go Michelle!

You have to be the purest and most precise encapsulation of the malaise and tumor which has permeated the once liberty minded Taft/Paul Republican party! Thanks for your part in destroying liberty! Maybe you have even outdone the pain felt just watching congress in action... and that is disgusting enough!

Your ignorance and low wattage has finally descended beneath the ostrich, which, even in a life punctuated by 'sand-blindness' still stands staunch and tall in it's natural state and truthful existance, and, unlike you, remains incapable of falling further from wattage, or deeper into blindness, while retaining it's feared kick for liberty!

You are the epitome of the one party train dragging the nation from liberty to serfdom! Communism and socialism ideologically, and fiat theft financially, have apparently become your ideal,or at the very disgracefull least, your 'blind sand-vision'!

One might decry history's sentences after your name, but I doubt history will even remember you! There are not enough books now to extoll patriots.

I'm sure your husband will be fine...

...in Switzerland.

Insurance is the problem

Insurance is the problem!!! Let the free market work without the middleman. We all need to cancel our policies if we are really working towards freedom. Right On DocNo2

All Aboard the Subsidizer Train Next Stop, Higher Education

Kcop, you hit the nail square on its head. Subsidization of healthcare has gone too far. Health insurance should be for catastrophes, not for regular doctor visits and the medications pushed on patients.

The same goes for colleges and universities. Many of these institutions of higher learning have wealthy endowments and are led by administrators who are afforded the same compensation as CEO's of private enterprise companies.

A basic observation of economics is whenever a third party offers to subsidize a cost of a good or service, consumer prices will rise. Hospitals, clinics, doctors, etc. need to compete with their customer (the patient) without the insurance company acting as a broker. The same goes for government student loans that fund the higher education industry (they always get their money, don't they?) at the expense of the student.



Southern Agrarian

Does her congressional health

Does her congressional health insurance stop when her term runs out? Can she sign up for COBRA?

What, you want Obama to

What, you want Obama to guarantee a job? You lost your job, hence, you lost your health insurance.

If you can't spend an hour researching Obamacare and selecting health insurance, I have no sympathy for you.

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:

Overview: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/my-plan-for-reducin...

Specific cuts; defense spending: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/more-detailed-look-a

You know what Bachmann? These

You know what Bachmann? These stunts on CNN are as disgusting as Wasserman going on Piers Morgan.

These antics certainly will not make me fall for Republicanism. I'll find the freedom candidates that come to the table, and if they aren't, then they will not get the vote because of the (R). Capiche?

Be Your Own Media!!!

She is a socialist thief at heart!

To paraphrase this fauvist American:

'I lost my chance to rip off strangers to pay for my husbands sick-care, as expensive as that can be you know, under the insurance aided hospital ripoff system; wouldn't want to touch our own millions for sure, ha ha.' 'Now we just have to have somebody else continue paying for our sick-care. It is unthinkable that we pay for our own! Insurance companies just need to get it straight that we should pay them a few dollars, and they should pay us back thousands more. After all, those strangers don't need it.'

And so it goes as America slides into the abyss of socialism, and the great myth: 'that health care insurance is good for you!

What a big myth!

How far have the con-insurance companies come in so few decades!

Prior to the 1970's health care was far better and only a small part of ones income, at 6 bucks per visit to any doctor of orthodox or alternative care; and hospital visits were also about 6 bucks! And no one needed insurance really! People were healthier because only absolutely necessary care was performed, allowing for less cost AND A LONGER LIFE EXPECTANCY! Family, friends, churches, all chipped in. People were therefore more responsible for their health, well-being, their lives.

The big elephant in America today is the myth that insurance provides for better health at a better savings! Total myth perpetuated by the biggest money holding/collecting industry on the planet... health care insurance!

Stats carefully accessed in the late 1980's in some hospitals revealed that for the same hospital admission diagnosis, the outcome and costs were completely different, when compared between patients with insurance versus without insurance! When care finished for same entry conditions, patients with insurance had higher out of pocket costs by far than patients without insurance, AND, had a shorter life expectancy!! No doubt such studies, or even accessing the needed data, would be something only NSA could accomplish today.

So much for salvation through the big rip off, gambling/insurance industry!

Many sovereign citizens in this land have never had the burden of insurance, but sought out and paid for their own healthcare costs, and lived far more healthy in the long run!

It is those people this big insurance swindle and attempted monopoly for the allopathic medical drug system, has been attacking and eying for serfdom!

Enough already of the idiotic talk about 'those poor souls who are uninsured', as if it is the end of the world. There is no doubt in my mind that the industry will 'solve' the current 'crisis' of all the canceled policies, just for the reason that it will open the eyes of many to the fact they do not really need insurance. Hospitals are required to save lives... end of story. Many are the cases who were suddenly found without coverage after an accident, and suddenly popped out of the hospital with a cast instead of lots of messy complicating surgeries requiring lots of hospital 'overtime'! Then they healed quite nicely, faster, with far less long term 'treatable' problems!

Plus, this 'BarryCare' is a huge attempt to up the prices from the once free market competition world of health care insurance and care itself, to an attempted corporate-fascist takeover just as the drug, oil, and military complexes have so successfully pulled off for the last several decades!

The best thing the Congress could do is let it die a nasty death! But no, you will see the GOP run, not walk, to try and help the socialists repair it so they do not have to oppose it come election time! LOL, it is so predictable!

It always takes the great evil of the new party... the Bipartisan party...call it what you will, to accomplish this degradation and fall from liberty!

That party only need harness it's members, the couch potato serfs who dwell in condos once called precincts!

Oh, and yes, I am a physician.

PS: Notwithstanding the above references to 6$ costs in healthcare, I am fully aware that a major cause of the price increase must be attributed not just to the growth of socialist government interference, but in tandem with that, the loss of sound money and the debasement of what was in those days, the 6 silver dollars! To repair all must be swept away!