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Protester Jailed for 5 Days for T-Shirt

An opposition protester arrested in Belarus for wearing a T-shirt criticizing authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko was freed on Friday after spending five days in jail.

Leonid Smovzh, a 53-year-old railroad engineer, told The Associated Press that for the first two days he was held in a cell with no heat or light, and he was given no food.

He was arrested after a protest on Sunday for wearing a T-shirt on which he had written "For Belarus without Lukashenko." On the back it said "For Belarus without dictatorship."

"Why did I write this? So that I won't be ashamed to look my grandchildren in the eye when they ask, 'What did you do for us?' " Smovzh said.


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This man is a Patriot, and I would rather give to him than a multi-millionaire running for office anywhere. If there was a moneybomb for this guy, I'd contribute.
If all freedom loving patriots stand together "globally" we can make a big difference.
How can we show support for this guy?


...his shirt would've gotten him 25 yrs in Siberi@.

Stories like this

often make me appreciate the freedoms that we have domestically/(US), and perhaps more so what freedoms are yet to be attained (ex. freedom from mandates, taxation, imposed counterfeit etc).

Hats off to this courageous man

We have political prisoners here too

That old man they locked up for passing out jury nullification info comes to mind, von NotHaus, Irwin Schiff, Sherry Peel-Jackson, Adam Kokesh, the Seattle 'anarchists.' I'm sure there's more.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift


and if our principled political efforts are successful, what a great day to see them freed

I would say,

that every single person behind bars for the "crime" of smoking a God given plant is a political prisoner.

"Why did I write this? So

"Why did I write this? So that I won't be ashamed to look my grandchildren in the eye when they ask, 'What did you do for us?' " Smovzh said."

Somethings are universal, it is this that brings us together

Wish some more of my loser

fellow boomer generation (OK, there are lots of noteworthy exceptions!) would
ask themselves this, get off their butts and help restore our fallen republic.