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Apocalyptic Film ‘Dragon Day’ Explores US Default on Debt to China

The protagonist of the film, Duke Evans, is an Edward Snowden-esque National Security Agency engineer, who finds himself struggling to survive after a Chinese cyber attack has crippled modern technology in the United States. After the attack occurs, he realizes that he was unwittingly duped by rogue supervisors into helping China attack America. After the attack takes place, local sheriffs distribute special wristbands that kill the wearer if he or she leaves a pre-determined geographical area.


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you make a law that US Notes

you make a law that US Notes are the same as what is used now, nationalize the Fed, and then pay off whomever you want to pay off! DUH. hyperinflation? Whatever! It's already 10% per year! Do a one time 70% decrease and the debts are paid and all taxes are not needed except state sales tax to run everything.

Don't waste your time. It doesn't cover anything you haven't

likely already read here on DP, and is much less entertaining.

It is repetitive, and full of horrible acting.

I could forgive the low budget CGI, but the lead actor should never have been cast.

Some of the supporting cast didn't do so bad though. Unfortunately the lead has about 75% of the script.

Not on Amazon or Netflix

At least, not at this time. It is a 2013 movie.

available on netflix?

available on netflix?

I don't go to movies

but this looks interesting.

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