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Deflation at the Fed

Via Twitter. LOL!

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Looks more like

a Graph of the interest rate. lol

Do your best have no expectations

Wouldn't it technically be inflation?

In 1987, one foot of Fed Chief cost $13600 per year. Now a foot of Fed Chief has gone up to $40000 a year.

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you'd think

that with all the money these people are stealing they would be able to afford a better tailor...

I guesss we know who the next fed chair will be....

Vertically challenged

No wonder the vertically challenged Fedsters desire inflation.

In spite of stature all Fed Chairmen increased currency supply.

The average has been 7.4% year over year.

It's a 99 year old vice, not likely to be abandoned.

Free includes debt-free!

Idiots one & all! Snakes are more cunning & measured by length!

Anaconda, 65' unaudited legend.

During his expeditions into the Amazon jungle, Colonel Percy Fawcett reported sighting of strange unheard of creatures. One of which was an enormous anaconda snake 65 feet long. This was widely ridiculed by the scientific community. However, a recent expedition in the Amazon acting on Fawcett's sightings, has made a discovery that could prove the 'experts' wrong and Colonel Fawcett right.

'A Northern Ireland pensioner and his son claim to have discovered evidence which proves the existence of a mythical giant anaconda living in the Amazonian jungle.'

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Looks like it made to the DP

Looks like it made to the DP before hitting Zerohedge.

Two shorten the road.

I think they

already have.


I wonder if the size of the Fed Chair can be directly correlated to the increase in money supply.

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