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Health Care rates 2013 vs 2014

I purchased a Health Savings Account a few years ago through www.ehealthinsurance.com. I decided to see what the rates are going for today with the Affordable Care Act. Based on my zip code, if I were to get a plan today, the cheapest will start at $60. If I decided to wait until 2014, when all plans must be compliant, it jumps to $223. While the basic plans have horrible coverage, the drastic increase in prices will cause people to be stressed mentally and financially!

If insurance companies wanted young people to join, they should have implemented new policies that would entice them to join, i.e. loyalty programs, rewards points for healthy choices, sign-up bonuses, etc.

Check out your state and see how much it increases, www.ehaealthinsurance.com, (You do not need to include any personal information and it does actually work)!

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Well, that is because the

Well, that is because the "cheapest" plan under Obamacare will have much better coverage.

The idea behind Obamacare is to make it so that you do not have to leach off other people. They want to avoid a situation where you will not be able to pay for your treatment.

You can get a $60 plan, that has a 20,000 OOP maximum. Or, a $250 plan with a 2,000 one. The second one is the plan that Obama wants you to get, because it ensures (no pun intended) that you will be able to cover your healthcare costs.

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Great Now I am depressed. I think all minimum wage workers will be forced into Medicaid.