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Fed up? The time is now

Where are all the rallies for the Audit the fed bill? Where is all the grassroots support for Rand Paul on this issue?

There will be no better time then now to get this bill passed and I see very little being done on the grassroots level

Am I missing something?


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End the Fed Rally in Jacksonville on November 23 at 2 PM.


I believe they are occurring in all cities with a Federal Reserve Bank.

Also a rally in Asheville, NC, same date and time, in support of Adam Kokesh.

It really doesn't matter what

It really doesn't matter what Rand does or not. Contact your reps and ask others to do the same. For me I pass out or leave flyers at banks for people.

lets see what Rand does first

Why should we trust Rand. Over and over Rand sold us out.