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Swedish govt tells hotel made of ice to put in fire alarm


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Well to be honest, I would be

Well to be honest, I would be more worried about smoke in this case rather than fire. Smoke is something that usually ends up killing people regardless if the fire burns them or not.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

I kid you not friend,

I have seen sprinkler systems ran into freezers.

I know it took a lot of work and effort to do...

what I wonder is how they kept a straight face?

not a wet pipe

If you run a sprinkler system in a freezer or cold environment (usually outdoors under canopies) then they are usually dry pipe systems.

A fire would melt the device in the sprinkler head causing the air pressure inside to be released which opens a valve and water flows down the pipe to the sprinkler head.

did you just call me a "wet pipe"?

I just find it funny that a walk in freezer is basically a metal box.
it is also so frickin cold that nobody is ever in there long.
if I accept that it is REALLY possible for a fire to start in one....
and spread to the rest of the building......
then I know what I have created.

I have seen that to

Yet to see them in action lol