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Stand With Rand... Audit the Fed

Im sure probably everyone on here already understands this but you can send it out to your friends to explain the fed a little and get some support for Rand's audit the fed bill.

I also linked it back to the daily paul.


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the sad

truth is that apathy has set in and america does not give a hoot .

Bump It Up! +1 - One of The Most Single Things I Can Do Is...

One of The Most Single Things I Can Do Is to keep pestering my representatives in congress to call for auditing the FED.

The FED has been a curse on America since its inception.

We will never be able to restore the constitution until we can free ourselves from the international banking cartel..

I hope and pray that in my lifetime we can all come to our senses and rid America and the world of this anathema to human freedom..

I love Ron Paul for awakening the masses to this issue but I...