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I can't believe how much courage this doctor has.

This doctor is the real deal. Watch and be very excited.


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I cant believe how little skepticism people have.

The post states “this doctor is the real deal. Watch and be very excited.” But it should say “This doctor makes extraordinary claims. Watch and be very skeptical.”

I would agree that the patient testimony is compelling. I would also agree that the FDA is bought and paid for.

However, there are two sides to every story. Outlined here is the fact that the film director’s cousin, who developed brain cancer during the creation of the second film, died shortly after starting burzinski’s treatment.


In fact, it appears most people who go on antineoplastons die shortly thereafter. After they have paid tens of thousands of dollars for an unproven therapy, often leaving friends and loved ones holding the bill. The movies highlight people who have had an amazing response. For these people it is amazing and their stories alone seem to make this worthy of more investigation.

This is likely why the FDA has been so accommodating. However for most it is not a miracle cure. On average, at best it offers a chance of cure that may be slightly better than standard of care. This definitely should be evaluated but as things look it just isn’t a miracle cure. This Dr Whitaker who makes such bold statements that antineoplastons will make us look back on cancer like its diabetes are massively disingenuous based on the available evidence. A few people have had remarkable success, most have died. This is something to study but not a generalized cancer cure.

He has been at this for 40 years and has started over 60 clinical trials. Yet at best he has finished perhaps two studies. He has never published final conclusions that I can see. The data presented in the film are preliminary reports from 2 two trials that were never finished. The scientific articles section of his website looks extensive until you start reading it and it is all case studies and preliminary reports. There is no excuse for this. Anyone can publish his or her data in open access journals as a start. Whether or not the lancet publishes it or not is insignificant. If it was really curing everyone it touched there would be no way to contain it.

The more I look into it the more questions arise. People who claim he billed them up front and then billed their insurance without their knowledge and then kept the insurance money without telling them. Patients who are told they would get antineoplastons but then after paying a big down payment are told actually they will get standard chemo. All sorts of ethical complaints filed to the texas medical board that seem to be the real reason behind the grand jury investigations, not just that he is giving unapproved medication.

Watch some other perspectives other than just the films. Like this one.

We definitely should abolish the FDA. I am in favor of looking in to antineoplastons. Obviously anything that offers hope, even a tiny bit, must be explored. But this guy has had over 60 clinical trials running for decades and he never finishes and publishes. This is just absurd. No wonder why the FDA is upset. It’s a joke.

Publish the data and let the world see the truth.

Truth, truth, truth----when does it finally REALLY set you free?

I'm still boiling about the revelation found in this video! All the truth I'm learning leaders to one simple truth that Ron Paul has been saying all along!! We must END THE FED! The whole farce that is our current monetary system is only supported by lies. Lies that keep humanity sick, broke and miserable. Lies that kill scores of innocent people. Lies that prevent paradigm shifting advances for the better of humanity.
The truth about 911 is that it was done to prevent us from learning the truth about our financial situation.
The truth about JFK is that it was done to prevent us from learning the truth about our financial situation.
Many other truths that are coming to light seem to point to the same conclusion.
The old saying is "follow the money"! All of the money roads I have followed lead me to the head of the snake, which is the Fed and all it stands for. We've got to stop simply throwing rocks at the snake at chop its freakin head off!
I see now why END THE FED is such an important topic for Ron Paul. Ron has to have known many of these truths that we are just now finding out when it was unpopular or down right dangerous to speak about them. So now we know that the one thing he could speak of was the solution of cutting off the head of the snake so that the rest of us would recognize the snake when we finally saw it.

Saw this a few years back...

Dude seems completely legit... FDA tried screwing him... AND HE WON! I hope he continues to revolutionize the cancer fighting process.

Love Liberty, be Vigilant

"Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty" (2 Corinthians 3:17)

Faith in God will prevail all things!


Of all the things that have contributed to my awakening process, this one takes the cake! I've always suspected that cures were suppressed in favor of "capitalism", and this just proves it! It's one thing to control technology in favor of oil/energy, and currency in favor of bankers, but everyone has family and friends that have been affected with the devastation of cancer. I keep thinking that if peolple will just wake up to the fact that 911 is not what they told us, they will realize that's not the only lie that is stealing our freedom and start to take an interest in the degradation of our freedom and the desecration of our constitution. It's amazing though, how even people that know the truth are not outraged!
This video might be the single most important piece of information to date in waking up the masses! This video gets down right personal with millions of people that have experienced the devastation of cancer, not only for the patient, but for their family members too.
I'm putting this on DVD and handing it to everyone I know and meet! If this doesn't wake people up to the level of corruption in our so called government, I don't know what will!

I just finished watching

The full movie. I don't know what to say how I feel, so many mixed emotions. highly recommend this to all DPers. makes you truly disgusted with how much power government has to suppress medical entrepreneurs from succeeding and advancing medicine for the better. This movie shows how truly ingrained the state is within every thing even remotely related with business; just reinforcing further the notion that this country truly is an Corporate Oligarchy. It hurts when you know how many people could have been saved, especially thinking of all those I and I'm sure many here have lost to cancer. I support this guy Burzynski and how can we all not as Libertarians; as he exemplifies the enemy of the state.

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Sounds like fraud

The good doctor has never published any of his results from the last several decades?....yeah that sounds legit (sarcasm)

There is evil and corruption in both pharmaceuticals and alternative medicine.

If a person makes wild claims, but can't back anything up with evidence then please move on.

i take it you didnt read/watch anything

but rather you googled his name and regurgitated the first result back.

this is the future of our children. no original thought of their own.

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Where is the information

Where's the doctors clinical research? He has been doing this for decades, so where is the analytical data?

Please use your google knowledge and provide the research.

Trust google too much?


Look at the PDF links of each citation for photocopies of the original paper publication. As we have all seen with the media blackout of Ron Paul, the gatekeepers of information can be influential when the public depends on that funneled information (or lack thereof) to make an objective decision for themselves. That's why many Ron Paul supporters came to the Daily Paul when they discovered they could no longer trust the editorial process of various MSM outlets.

As documented in the second video, starting in late 2012 some prominent medical journals declined to publish the clinical research of Burzynski. In the case of the Lancet Oncology, they wrote in an email response to Burzynski "On this occasion, we have decided not to publish it because we believe the message would be better elsewhere [sic]." (Refer to the 1hour 30min mark in video). It is hard to retrieve articles from google if they are no longer propagated by the traditional outlets of medical research.

One more thing, check out the National Cancer Institute's webpage on antineoplastons. Scroll down to the bottom, what do you see? A whole lot of Burzynski. To their credit, NCI does add a disclaimer to the page stating "To date, no randomized controlled trials examining the use of antineoplastons in patients with cancer have been reported in the literature. Existing published data have taken the form of case reports or series, phase I clinical trials, and phase II clinical trials, conducted mainly by the developer of the therapy and his associates. While these publications have reported successful remissions with the use of antineoplastons, other investigators have been unable to duplicate these results..." Again, the videos address this disclaimer because on the one hand, the second video documents that the newest research from Japan showing successful randomized controlled trials of antineoplastons and on the other hand the first video documents why other researchers were not successful at duplicating the results (hint: they were not following Burzynski's protocol and were caught red handed in their report documentation.)

Following up on the Japanese research, the NCI's article on antineoplastons is now dated with the most recent citation from 2006 and so we could understand why NCI would have not have mentioned the latest research from Japan. Unfortunately for those afflicted with cancer, Dr Hideaki Tsuda of Kurume Medical University stated in December 2012, "We can't go any further with these clinical trials allowing Antineoplastons to gain market approval exclusively for the Japanese people--due to the United States FDA and the power they have over the world market. The FDA would retaliate against any Japanese pharmaceutical company who would try to get Antineoplastons approved in Japan by no longer approving their other drugs for market in the USA. [sic]" (Refer to second video, 1hour 35min mark)

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8% Survivability is a Miracle?

With my limited knowledge I have a hard time grasping some of statements made in the publications, so maybe the DP folks can help clarify.

In the publication listed below they decided to publish the results of 13 adults. Of the 13 adults only 23% (2.99 people) had a "complete response" to the treatment, the rest either saw very limited improvement or regressed. Furthermore, "Progression Free Survival" after 5 years was at 8%, which equates to 1 person. The "Overall Survival" after 5 years was also 8%.

So to conclude, they handpicked 13 people for their research and after 5 years only one person was still alive, and nowhere in the documentation does it specify how the symptoms varied between the sole survivor and the other patients. Also, according to Wikipedia the current survival rate is 10% - 15%. That means the good doctor is below the average survival rate, and that is just going off of his handpicked patients that he used for his publication.

I await your responses!!!


Compared to 0% survival

Some people undoubtedly have used "miraculous" to describe Burzynski's treatment. I have not. What I have reported to the DP earlier if you look at the other responses is the curious phenomenon where drugs like Temodar and Avastin have been fast-track to FDA approval for malignant brain cancer treatment showing only "response" in clinical trials whereas Burzynski treatment had managed to result in long-term survivors (5+ years). As quoted from the second video, "Temodar. Avadstin. The only two drugs to ever be approved for malignant brain tumors were never required to enter a traditional multi-center randomized Phase 3 trial before reaching approval--nor was either drug required to cure a single patient."

But do you hear yourself speaking here? "they handpicked 13 people for their research..." As far as I understand, Burzynski's research is at the mercy of cancer patients that either have their own means to afford the treatment or have a willing insurance company to cover the costs. Cost is always a barrier to recruitment. Also, what you read in these journals are not the life stories of the patients but the concise details that medical professionals want to read; it is enough to know that the clinical trials are FDA sanctioned for medical professionals because that means there is a strict protocol of reporting that must be met.

The question you might consider asking is two-fold: If other drugs have shown lower efficacy than Burzynski's and yet were FDA approved for sale, why not approve Burzynski's treatment and allow medical providers inform their patients between the three options instead of condemning them to certain death with two? If Burzynski's treatment had shown efficacy where before there was no treatment available, why not give the public the opportunity to decide for themselves?

Given the alternative medicines discussions at the Daily Paul and the importance of maintaining liberty in the country to decide for ourselves what is the best treatment regimen, you could understand why after watching the two Burzynski films some of the Daily Paul community are disgusted with the bureaucratic rigamarole surrounding Dr Burzynski. Perhaps you should consider watching the films if you have not already?

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Where did the 0% come from?

Curious, you said 8% survivability is better than 0% and you are absolutely correct 8% is a larger number; however, I'm curious to know where the 0% came from? The national average is 10% - 15%.

Also, the doctor has the ability to decline care to patients that he feels will not benefit from his care. He also picks who partakes in his publications, so the very best he can offer is 8% survival.

The second part regarding the 13 patients he treated is more personal and can't be proven. I have no doubt that the out of pocket expenses will drive down the number of people who can seek the doctors care, but do you honestly believe the man has only treated 13 patients? Also, there is no telling if his sole survivor listed in his publication received alternative care after visiting Burzynski.

I really do appreciate that you are allowing for a discussion on this particular topic. It is concerning that people will watch a Pro-Burzynski video and just assume he is "legit" without doing any research. The doctors very own publications put him well below the average survival rates.

Dakotkid. Very entertaining.

Doing nothing is better than using highly toxic chemicals to attack the cancer. Chemotherapy solutions cause chemical burns when accidental exposure occurs. Do you advocate for carcinogenic treatments?
Do you believe cancer can be cured with cancer causing substances?

You don't advocate for Dr. Burzynski but what do you suggest.

I suggest if you can afford it find a doctor that does immuno therapy with stem cells. I have visited a clinic in Mexico where people are being healed. Sad to say most of the people where very wealthy so there is an enormous barrier to entry. It works with your own adult stem cells to create an immune against the cancer. So you get fevers as if you had the flu, but it kills cancer.

The establishment medical model is kill every cell in the body, the cancer cells hopefully will not regenerate and the good cells will regenerate hopefully.

Dakotakid instead of hurting this conversation you help. Now more folks can chime in and enlighten others.

"critics are never remembered but creators are remembered"

May peace be unto you Dakotakid

Deep down everyone is Libertarian.
Live and Let Live, form of government.

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Exploiting Emotions

I do appreciate your civil response, and you are correct that I focus all of my attention to highlighting reasons to avoid Burzynski. This is sadly due to the fact that cancer has always been around me. I lost a close relative to lung cancer that was treated by Burzynski. See Burzynski has claimed his magical pills will cure everything. During this same time period I had a friend’s parent receive care from Burzynski, and he also died. Would they have died with chemo? Maybe, however, both detected the cancer early and the odds were in their favor.

I now have a mother with cancer and she WAS avoiding chemo and using alternative medicine. I’m very familiar with alternative medicine claims, how they exploit good people, and how they manipulate numbers. As I noted in my original post, evil exists in both pharmaceuticals and alternative medicine.

Burzynski preys on people who react emotionally instead of logically. He targets those who are highly skeptical of mainstream medicine (rightly so), but then don't apply that same skepticism towards alternative care. I believe this is evident in a majority of the comments on the DP. How many people read the doctors own case studies? How many people thought about the process of creating the magic pill? Did the doctor somehow perfect his recipe on the first try, or was there trial and error? How has the survival rate changed over the years? The doctor is vague on his treatment and that is for a reason. This man is not running a mom and pop hospital; he treats thousands of desperate and vulnerable souls.

The videos you watch about Burzynski were created by Burzynski so he can market himself. Ask yourself, what kind of person would portray themself the way Burzynski does in his videos?

If this man really had a cure and wanted to help mankind, why would he open a medical practice in one of the most heavily regulated countries in the world? He could travel to Central or South America and treat people without persecution and at a lower cost. But then again, Americans have money; borrowed money, but nonetheless we still have money.

So, I still haven’t answered you question on what a person should do…My response to that is you have the freedom of choice and the right to pursue any treatment. I just hope that you good people take a moment to detach from your emotions and assess all your options with the same scrutiny.

Take care!

It's 46% not 8

Read it again. The 10-15% you cite on wikipedia is relative to the time of original "diagnosis." Burzynski is 46% since diagnosis at 5years, not 8%. This is well above the average.

Eight percent is the number after 5 years since "treatment" which, if you read closely, came much after the study group was initially diagnosed (as group was previously [unsuccessfully] treated with chemo/radiology/surgery etc). Also notable is the treatment trial stopped after 4 months (avg).



they let him join in fda trials.... price of services for the person i sent him was a staggering $350,000. not covered by insurance do to it still being in a trial/testing phase

look at this

USA Today put together quite an elaborate page trying to smear Dr. Burzynski


I saw that and the trolls are already in abundance.

FIVE Grand juries without an indictment is what got me thinking.

Sixty million dollars later, nothing.

Can't sell "across state lines," which is always suspect unless it's Cannabis/alcohol/firearms.

And people here at the DP are smearing his ass.

Time for more research!

THanks for posting, OP.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

For me, the most

important benefit of watching the Burzynski movie is that it shows the corruption in the system and the willful intent to suppress anything that could help the patient and compete with the current medical system. After watching it, people are in a better mindset to go and research alternative therapies, which can be good or bad.

I'd probably consider Burzynski's treatment for brain cancer but for other types of cancer I think there are other alternative approaches that are at least as effective and more affordable.

USA today just blasted the

USA today just blasted the Doc yesterday. I am still on the edge to whether I beleive this guy is legit or not.

the article says interestinly enough that his clinic does other chemo and radiation now. interesting nonetheless.

supposeviley he has not done a peer reviewed professional nonobjective study of the antineoplastines either. His findings needed to be published for all to see its success. The article claims that Dr. Burzynski hasn't devulged his actual success rates either. buyer beware but blessed he Burzynski is he indeed has found a genuis alternative to radiation and chemotheropy.

- Brennan

pretty interesting. thanks for posting this

here is the website of the clinic in Houston, tx


It's classic broken window economics

Just replace broken windows with cancer patients and hopefully you'll get the analogy. More cancer patients, more business, healthy stock market, Keynesian economy.

Quote starting a 13:37 mark:

It's a market issue. It's simple as that. If this thing was unleashed... if you were diagnosed with any type of cancer and you were given toxic chemotherapy toxic radiation... and you had antineoplastons sitting there... which one would you choose? And then industry knows that and it would collapse this industry.

David Axelrod... is President Obama's Chief of Staff at the time and after watching the film... he said it was very important but it's just too big. He said we can't face this in this country, not for at least ten years. And he even alluded, because the economy had just tanked... that it could possibly send the country into further recession because of what it would do to companies such as Amgen, which is... 90% reliant on cancer therapies... The stock market would plummet if this thing was released in the pharmaceutical world.


David Axelrod

source for this please: "David Axelrod... is President Obama's Chief of Staff at the time and after watching the film... he said it was very important but it's just too big."

"Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms."
Ron Paul

uh its right from the video

uh its right from the video in his reply. did you even watch it? source is from the producer who said exactly those words.


I guess the days of Jonas Salk are gone.

If you or I found an effective treatment for cancer, would you or I be concerned with filing patents? I wouldn't.


Why can't we get one of our Billionaire Libertarian buddies to check this guy out.

Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights

part 2 here:. and what do you

part 2 here:. and what do you see at the bottom of the screen at 1:47:00 ?


whole foods?

??? says dvd is available at whole foods ??? is this a problem? or you just think it is interesting that whole foods is putting this out there?