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CIA personnel asked to sign additional non-disclosure form after Benghazi attack

At least five CIA personnel, including government contractors, were asked to sign a second non-disclosure agreement after the Benghazi terrorist attack, Fox News has learned.

While the three-page NDA, obtained by Fox News, does not contain specific references to the 2012 attack which killed four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, it does contain standard language that unauthorized disclosures could lead to "temporary loss of pay or termination" and "in some circumstances, constitute a criminal offense."

Sources not authorized to speak on the record, given the sensitivity of this week's closed-door testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, said the five CIA personnel did not feel pressure to sign the document. But they felt the request for a second non-disclosure agreement after the terrorist attack was odd and not standard practice because their original NDA's were still in effect, and only some in the group were undergoing contract modifications that might require a new NDA.

The House Intelligence Committee is trying to determine who at the agency -- or within the administration -- thought a second NDA was necessary, whether the motivation was to send a message that the agency operation and response to the attack should not be discussed and why CIA personnel in Benghazi were apparently the only agency personnel who were asked to sign a second NDA.


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