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Obama struggles to save his cherished health law

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama's health care law risks coming unglued because of his administration's bungles and his own inflated promises.

To avoid that fate, Obama needs breakthroughs on three fronts: the cancellations mess, technology troubles and a crisis in confidence among his own supporters.

Working in his favor are pent-up demands for the program's benefits and an unlikely collaborator in the insurance industry.


Comment by Nomorelies :
Obama: "Alright, we lied about you being able to keep your present coverage, and we lied about you being able to keep your precious doctor, and we lied about you being able to see specialists without referrals, and we lied about premiums not going up, and we lied about not imposing taxes, and we lied about the act paying for itself, and we lied about the website being ready, and we lied about instituting mandates, and we lied about the penalties, and we lied about the deadlines, and lied about about taking care of all your needs and we lied about...well, just about everything. Now, we want you to know what are you going to do about it? Not much, after all, the law is the law and we can't just change it to suit you, but we gave everyone else waivers, exemptions and ourselves subsidies..... we could delay or repeal it but that would prove the Republicans were right and that is more important to me, so shut up, drink the kool-aid, respect and trust me to fix this!"

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Work on this, single payor system began in mid 2004.

Progressives in the GOP and DEM have been promising this system since 1994.

LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Clinton and Bush all encouraged a medical monopoly for doctors and druggists paid out of the Federal treasure, borrowed from creditors.

Over that time longevity has declined. Obesity, diabetes, autism, Alzheimers, heartburn, colitis have skyrocketed. Doctors and drugs are a leading cause of death.

Clearly this does provides no empirical evidence that this had been for the general welfare.

Every year it kills us faster and the uninsured want to join in the fun?

Free includes debt-free!


I love the comments section on these types of news articles.

It appears that Obama care has a preexisting condition

Without near 100% participation the system will death spiral because of adverse selection.