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Justice for Rosie the Dog - Des Moines WA - Cops Shoot and Taze Dog for their own Thrill and Laugh About It. Dash Cam Video

Warming, this is the dash cam video from the Des Moines WA Police dash cam.
This is graphic, they shoot and taze Rosie the Dog.

I demand Justice for Rosie the Dog. A $51,000 settlement and lawyer fees is not justice for this cowardice act.


I want to use this as an example of outright cowardice and I think it is only fair to play good cop bad cop. And this is bad cop, cowardice at that.

This is over the top. And it has to stop. These people need to admit it, nationwide, that this sort shit needs to stop.

Use this as the example. These people should be fired in shame and have their pensions removed. This would be closer to justice.

I ask for help from the monitors at DP to put this on the front page, to make it so the video appears. Or perhaps you could post the picture of this warm and friendly and older dog on the front, please. There was NO REASON to tazer and kill this dog that was outside it's own house.

I'm sick of these cowards. And that is what they are. The video proves this.


That's the article from the Seattle Times, if someone could please post the picture of Rosie.

There needs to be justice for Rosie and other dogs, the family of the dogs who have their dogs shot needlessly, and justice should be we get rid of the police altogether when they start stooping to such stupidity, cowardice, and laugh about it like chumps. And they are going to have authority to harass citizens?

Take their pensions. Make an example of such terrible law enforcement that never admits liability and their supervisors go along with the cover up because they too are cowards and are the problem in society. Their whole way is gone wrong. I no longer want them. Does anybody else after watching this video?

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Bump for Rosie

Bump for Rosie

Be Your Own Media!!!

Damn Dogs!

Damn the Jews, Destroy the Museums, Damn every label the NWO uses to paint individual people.

The NWO and the Jesuits will control the new Babylon. All by deception.

They will until they won't. Their system spent a lot of time to kill this dog, and it cost their 'illustion' in doing so by people spreading this message.

Thanks for posting.

Hey look, the hate filled

Hey look, the hate filled Liberals posting on the DP!

Be Your Own Media!!!

Hey Look at the idiots

that don't understand satire when it's posted. And I especially detest those that only converse with labels.

Good Grief.

Bump because pigs shouldn't

Bump because pigs shouldn't shoot dogs

Be Your Own Media!!!

I down voted it because what

I down voted it because what they are doing is wrong and it is disgusting.
I commend you for the post.

I want everybody to contact their Congress Critters about Justice for Rosie the Dog.

Pick up that phone right now! Operators are standing by!

let them know this is unacceptable and we deserve better and so do our pets! Let them know laws need to be on the book, for dogs like Rosie!

Be Your Own Media!!!

"America Is Gone" ~ Ron Paul

It's the sign of the times

"Up is down in the kingdom of hell" ~ Roy Masters, Founder & Director of The Foundation of Human Understanding, Grants Pass Oregon

Oh isles keep silent until the people gather their strength - Scripture

Wake up America!


I found Roy Masters YEARS ago. That JEW saved me from so much. Truth is the only salvation!


Hey look the cops found the

Hey look the cops found the DP!

Be Your Own Media!!!

A new level of idiocy comes

A new level of idiocy comes to the police department. Why in heaven's name would they not call animal control or make the effort to get the owner rather than take idiot control of the situation themselves? They are not capable, incompetent. What a waste of taxpayers' money.They are too dangerous to have guns in their possession.

We are so compliant

We are so compliant. At the end of the video by standers were asking questions. How much better if from the beginning the were telling the cops to knock it off. In Philly when the cops were ganging up on a person, a crowd gathered which seemed to help. This was 10 years ago however when they weren't all skinheads.

This is one of the worst cop-klll-dog videos that I have ever watched because they were so gleeful in planning there sadistic action. Are they medicating with to cops to bring out their psychopathic tendencies?



describes this exactly. That dog was 'loose' and barking. There were not reports of it hurting anyone. These guys gleefully couldn't wait till they got the chance to use a taser and their guns on that dog.
And they fired a rifle at a dog in a residential area where people live ?

There's another story on this website of a woman who foolishly drives off after being pulled over in a traffic stop in New Mexico. The cops end up shooting at her fleeing van which is filled with kids. I wondered why a woman would do such an unusual thing as drive off like that. We still don't know the answer to that question, - maybe the woman is a complete moron. But if it turns out that she had a bad experience with out of control cops in the past . . . would any of us be shocked to hear it ?

This dog understood

self-defense from unlawfull agression/search better than the compliant owners, but it cost him his life, their dogs are gods, extentions of their godhood but not yours.


The creation, production and fair exchange of values is the business of evolving consciousness, love and life.--Craig Johnson

This was weak. What kind of

This was weak. What kind of weenies would react like this?

As an 8 year old kid I'd get in between dogs fighting. You just have to start kicking or do what it takes to stop the fight. He had his dog on a leash. He had the ability to control the situation. Instead, he wimped out.

Happens all too often.

Be Your Own Media!!!

Unbelievable incompetence

They let these idiots carry guns? Did anyone notice how the cop was hiding behind his car pointing his gun, like the dog was going to shoot back? Those cops were actually afraid, scared to death of a barking dog. Cowardice is spot on.

The dog was in it's own yard.

The dog was in it's own yard. The dog reacted the way dog's react.

The dog had enough sense to stay in it's yard. That says a lot about the dog and the love it got. I really feel sorry for the owners. 51k is a slap in the face.

Victimless. And a dog got shot. Only problem, the owners were victimized, as was Rosie. It's a sad day in America.

This is what we get from the lies of 911.

Weenies with badges fighting the boogie man.

Be Your Own Media!!!

Sick and evil

Tell them about it...



When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

OK, let's tune it a bit.

The Edit tab is your friend ;)

You got us hooked with the subject, you relate it to broader trends and you have us impassioned. Great start. You then call us to action. Perfect! But you let us down a bit with the positive and constructive channel.

I recommend you update this to include the town, county and offices involved. Let's have the officers names and the agencies to which they are attached. How about the police chief's name and their PIO's contact info? And their email addresses. How about the DA so we can suggest he open a case? And it never hurts to post a link to the local paper so we can "contribute to a lively local discussion".

Might seem like doing the footwork but we're like anybody else: more apt to follow through if you kinda show the way and plus you get to kinda channel and steer it.

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Smudge, consider this delegating it.

Be Your Own Media!!!