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Dark Journalist: JFK Media Cover-Up & The Lost Jim Garrison Documentary!


Join Dark Journalist and former Network TV producer and film director John Barbour as they revisit the Lost Jim Garrison Documentary "The Garrison Tapes." The film chronicles the electrifying JFK murder trial of New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison and the defendant, international businessman and CIA asset, Clay Shaw.

It also follows Garrison pursuing the covert groups that colluded to eliminate President Kennedy and maintain the massive cover-up, with elements of the mainstream media's help, for decades to come.

Special clips of interviews with Jim Garrison from the documentary are included with commentary from director John Barbour on how he came to know and admire the legendary DA. Plus shocking revelations and highlights of the event that changed the world in 1963!

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Great souls seek truth

Jim Garrison .

The real John Kennedy.....

Here (below) is the speech by President Kennedy that the mainstream Media never shows, and never will.

In this speech, Kennedy speaks about changing our Foreign Policy in pursuit of "World Disarmament", "eliminating War and Arms", and at the very end states boldly that The United States will never start a War on his watch.

Watch it at: Kennedy Redefines U.S. Policy and Ends The Cold War

Please also Recommend this Video, so it appears in Google searches on Kennedy.

Re: The real John Kennedy

Great clip thanks!



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Howard Hunt's death bed confession

It is interesting to note that Howard Hunt's death bed confession supports Jim Garrison's assertion that the JFK assassination was a CIA operation. Howard Hunt, who served as a CIA officer for over 20 years, claimed on his death bed, that LBJ worked with factions of the CIA to kill JFK. Hunt later went on to engineer the Watergate burglary. LBJ's long time mistress, Madeleine Brown, also implicates LBJ in a conspiracy to assassinate JFK.

If true, the JFK assassination was a coup d'etat.

Interestingly, on Oct 11, 1963, JFK signed NSAM 263 which ordered the removal of all U.S. troops from Vietnam by the end of 1965. However, one of LBJ's first actions as President (if not the first) was to sign NSAM 273, only four days after JFK's death, which repealed JFK's NSAM 263 order and which ordered the U.S. to begin planning for increased activity in Vietnam.


In 1964 the Gulf of Tonkin occurred which ultimately lead to open war between North Vietnam and the United States. However, the incident off the coast of Vietnam which led to the dramatic escalation of U.S. intervention into the Vietnam war erroneously claimed by LBJ that the North Vietnamese forces had attacked American destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin. In truth, no attack on the U.S. destroyers happened that night. And its not that LBJ was simply erroneous, he was flat out lying about Gulf of Tonkin events.

Re: Howard Hunt's

This is great info. LBJ was close to those elements of the CIA that are implicated.

It seems that Garrison had great insight and was far ahead of his time. His investigation touched on some aspects that no one had really touched. If you're familiar with the Torbitt Document it's an interesting summation of those elements that seemed to be operating deeply. There is a clip here at 1:07 that goes into those elements of the assassination:



good watch

good watch

"Truth or Consequences"

Interesting interview. Still can't get over the Larry King story. But from what I can tell, although he was arrested on felony charges, he was *not* convicted; rather, he was acquitted due to the statute of limitations. In any event, it wouldn't appear that the $50,000 was ever returned and used as intended: to help Garrison fund an investigation.

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Re: Truth or Consequences

Thanks, yeah it was pretty unethical of King in my view and I'm sure Garrison could have used that money. I was glad to hear that he gave Garrison some credit on his JFK investigation recently.

FYI Barbour and King have two different versions of this story. Both agree Larry took the payment and was charged but the circumstances and numbers are different in each case. Here is Larry King's version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43jMzaGuAw8

It doesn't sound so nefarious to hear King tell it.

And this transcript I came up with seems to support his version. http://cuban-exile.com/doc_051-075/doc0071.html

I didn't know Larry King did any JFK investigation.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

The Jim Garrison Tapes


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Re: The Jim Garrison Tapes

Thanks for the link...

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Well worth watching...


its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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Awesome! Thank you so much for the link rb25de!



11 / 22 / 1963 : avenge this travesty

50 years is long enough. Enough with the lies. There was ... IS a conspiracy. There IS a secret government. Eugenics IS the policy of the secret government. Fiat currency IS the method of our enslavement. Assassination of JFK and many many others IS the modus operandi of the secret government.

Jim Garrison is a real American hero

Re: 11/22/1963

Good points. What's amazing is that the media would try after 50 years, and knowing that general public gets the truth about the Kennedy Assassination, to still try and peddle these terrible 50th specials that are empty and unreal. Apparently they can't admit it because it goes to the core of their own power...illusion.

Secret Government

During the Eisenhower years, the CIA had been expanding its powers beyond anything that was controllable anymore. Eisenhower let them overthrow Iran in 1953, and once they got that power all unto themselves it grew into a cancer -- so much so that even Eisenhower warned about it (belatedly) as he was leaving office.

So when they killed Kennedy, the secret government essentially took over the reins of the Country. We have had nothing but puppet Presidents ever since then -- all of which have been easily controlled and operate in the interests of global interests -- and not our own Country or people.

Re: Secret Government

Good points. I would only add that it was certainly Kennedy's policy to bring the CIA back into line and limit their powers dramatically. I think he was shocked by the amount of unfettered power they had when he got into office.

I believe the record shows that the power struggle between his administration and the characters like Dulles who were intelligence legends is at the heart of the assassination.

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Wow, that is amazing.

Thank you. I hope this gets shown everywhere like the film maker wants. I'm glad Jim Garrison at least got to see the film JFK made.


Re; Wow, that is amazing

Hi, thanks I'm glad you enjoyed the Dark Journalist clip. I think it would be excellent if John's film would get around there is so much crucial info in there. I recently went to the cinema re-release of JFK and it was even better than the first time, what an incredible movie. It's great because the real Jim Garrison actually has a cameo in there as Earl Warren hah...

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I know, that is so ironic .... and cool, that Jim Garrison

played Earl Warren! That is an incredible film, it is so accurate. I didn't know they were re-releasing it in the theaters. I want to see it again too.


What was JFK's position

On Israel's development of nuclear weapons in '63?

Or about who should have the privilege to mint and our American Money?

When I had my awakening, I was angry for months at my Grandfather's 'Greatest Generation'. They would have been somewhere in their 30s and at the height of their powers. How could they just accept JFKs assassination? And then I realized, my grandchildren will ask the same of us about 911 Neo-Amerikan Coup and all that has followed

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

re Nukes

He was against Israel becoming nuclear. The conversations he had with Ben Gurion about it were apparently explosive, and are still classified.

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If you're ok w/ public execution

. . . There's no limit


Interesting questions. We know Kennedy was looking at limiting the powers of the Federal Reserve then and that he did issue some US notes that had nothing to do with the central bank (I actually have seen one of these bills).

I think people did understand something was wrong after the assassination and it's been in our collective unconscious or public unconscious ever since. The group that did it certainly got away with it and changed the face of the future but we continue to see through some of their disinformation.