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It can no longer be fixed!

The 1953 Series C $2 United States Note at the side of a 2004 Series $20 Federal Reserve Note is daunting. If you really want to feel the lie of Federal Reserve Notes please consider comparing them and write down the differences on paper. Any thinking person will immediately notice the disparities.

They have taken on so much trying to climb up the waterfall of debt, and by doing so have been sudden faced with the tilting wall. We have fallen off the cliff. The Affordable Care Act has been the backbreaking moment and when the President of The United States can actually speak the lies he does in defense of it, we are witnessing the beginning of another path. A path that isn't tampered and vested in taking from others to sustain the illusion of stability and growth.

When the commander-in-chief is the purveyor of his own accountability, then the title he bears must change. If a commander is commanding for the sake of covering faults and deceptions, then we should not be surprised at the aim of that commanding.

I say tread hard! The truth is liberation, and more people are wanting liberation.

Peace and Love always.

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Truth, sometimes...

is very hard to hear and much harder for some to comprehend.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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9/11 Truth.