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US Vets Peace Team Tear Gassed In Palestine By US-Made Tear Gas

"The Veterans Peace Team delegation in Palestine encountered U.S.-made tear gas when they joined the weekly demonstration in the village of Bil’in, where Israel has been building part of its “separation barrier,” otherwise known as the “apartheid wall.” A large segment of the village’s land has been taken away by the wall, which separates the village from the enormous settlement of Modi’in Illit and the smaller settlement of Mattityahu East. Residents of the village took Israeli authorities to court and won a ruling forcing the Israelis to move the wall—the only time this has occurred so far—and they regained 200 acres of their stolen land, but the wall and its security buffer zone still incorporate 60 percent of village agricultural lands into the settlements.... MORE http://www.popularresistance.org/veterans-peace-team-teargas... "

"Israel Makes Biggest Push Forward in Illegal Settlements "in Decades," White House "Concerned""

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Theiving crooks who hide behind religion and government to

Enrich their personal greed at the expense of any and everyone around them. Crying out im the victim as they murder and lie to steal others lands and possessions in the name of being god's chosen people.



Don't know quite what to make of all this . . Let them figure it

out. I liked Ron Paul's stance of pulling foreign and military aid to all foreign nations. Mind our own business like George Washington & Thomas Jefferson suggested. Would save us a lot of trouble.

I recently came across this lecture by an Israeli general's son. I don't know how accurate his statements are but they are thought provoking. If anyone has opposing viewpoints with supporting evidence I'd like to hear it too. (The article above does seem to present an emotional, biased slant in terms of the way they reported it in my opinion):


Founding Fathers' Intent?

Who REALLY thinks that the Founding Fathers had any inclination to dictate to the rest of the world, how to live (imperialism), when they had just won their own, and hopefully their descendants', independence?
They formed The United States for "ourselves and our posterity".
We should be minding our own damn business and taking care of OUR PEOPLE, rather than trying to "repair the world". That is insane, universalist nonsense.

"Peace team" flying only ONE-side's flag... what a joke...

This title/post is purposely misleading.

This is not some "US veterans peace team".
Its a couple of guys, on their own private mission.

This has nothing to do with US military vets as whole.
There are lots of military vets including several in my Messianic synagogue who have travelled to Israel and support Israel.
This OP is propaganda. Period.

..."US Made tear-gas"...lol... oh, boo hoo...
I guess we should end free trade then? Or what?
Oh, just with Israel?

I agree with ending ALL foreign aid, including the aid that the artificial state of "Palestine" gets, and all the $Billions we give to other Islamic regimes that are hostile to Israel, which equals 7x (seven times) what Israel gets.
See we are funding ALL sides of the Middle-East conflicts. It takes money from US taxpayer to give to foreign militaries, to spend in our MIC store, so the global MIC gets PAID, so long as gov'ts keep killing their people.
Can't see how blaming Israel (the Jews) makes this problem go away. Israel just wants to survive like everyone else, and unlike the US, they are small and surrounded by enemies. People in the US have no right to judge Israeli people. We should judge OUR government!!!

These clowns oppose "Israeli apartheid". Another joke claim. "Palestinian" radical Muslims DEMAND separation from Jews but then call it apartheid when they get what they want! They want to have their cake and eat it too.

No one wants a Wall but the rockets and suicide bombers from Gaza kept coming. Israeli's have every right to defend themselves, and it seems some spoiled Americans have no clue what that is like. Believing the commie-lefty propaganda that Israel is the bad guy.

You know, since the re-inception of Israel, the Jordanian, Lebanese, Syrian government's, Egypt, Iran, etc., did not allow the Muslim refugees from Gaza/West Bank/"Palestine" to emigrate back to where many of them had come from? They purposely kept them there, while funding Hamas and Hezbollah to stay in power, keep them hating the Jews/Israel, so they will have there own occupying force on the ground. The "Palestinian" people have been used as pawns by their fellow Muslim nations. Israel offered citizenship to the Palestinian Muslims. Over 180,000 Muslims accepted Israel's invitation and still live peacefully in Israel today. The rest however, vowed to kick the Jews out of Israel and never live in peace. So who is really hindering peace?

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I strongly disagree

Amongst veterans who served since 911 most I speak with, understand we were not serving the American people in Iraq and Afghanistan, and we were not there to defend our Freedoms back at home. Many of us are very upset about this and the course of our nation over the last 12 years, and many of us can't help notice Israel's active involvement in our nation's government. I entirely agree we should stay out of their internal concerns, just as foreigners of our land, Israeli's have no business in our politics

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

I'm sure... But what exactly do you disagree with, that I wrote?

You wrote - "Amongst veterans who served since 911 most I speak with, understand we were not serving the American people in Iraq and Afghanistan, and we were not there to defend our Freedoms back at home."

I totally agree with that statement. But that in no way addresses anything I wrote in my above comment.

I don't like the dual-citizen thing at all. I am no fan of AIPAC either. But I support Israel's sovereignty. The globalists have infiltrated mostly every country, including the US and Israel. But they are not the heart of the nation(s). The globalists, using the US gov't/military, control Israel (and many other countries) way more than vice versa.

Bushes are Skull & Bones Nazis, and Obama is a Saudi planted Muslim Commie. Them truly supporting Israel/Jews doesn't add up. They are infiltrators for the NWO/Evil Empire, we know that, who have greatly hurt America's and Israel's standing in the world.

You seem to be jumping to all kinds of conclusion about Israel, based on the fact there are some Jews in powerful positions in America. The Powers-that-be have always used Task-Master Jews, but that hardly means it's them running the show. How many non-Jews are also in power, hmmm? Karl Marx was alleged Jew, but he hated G-d and hated religion, and was quoted saying the Jews must be wiped out, because they represent G-d, which represents a power greater than the State. Hardly a believer in Judaism, eh?

I wonder if you even read my whole comment? Doubt it.

You say you disagree. With what exactly? Because you are blaming an entire people, an entire country, and only one country/one people, for the actions of a global cabal, where the Jews (those that have been corrupted) rank near the bottom. The real power players are not in government, they are behind the scenes. As I said, task-masters. And since certain Jewish lines of task-masters have been at it for a while, they've gotten good at serving the Pharaoh/Caesar/King, and have learned to become the money handlers.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Soldiers are Awesome!

I have NO argument with the bravery and heroism, exhibited in the field.
But, when they get home, they exhibit the same BLIND obedience to authority, whether it comes from a SCREAMING LIBERAL on talk television, an INCENSED POLITICIAN in a public forum, A FLAMING LIBERAL on a local web forum....It doesn't matter... Vets are pussies and have been GIVING our country away for the last sixty years with their "CAN'T FIGHT CITY HALL"..."DO THE TOUGH THING FOR HUMANITY" bullshit.

Other than the fact that they are usually too young to NOT be misled and misguided pawns, soldiers are GREAT.
But, veterans with their stupid paper hats and social benefits that they voted for themselves and are willing to trade for your grandchildrens' futures SUCK.

Vets have had enough

I pray this energy, action and awareness will increase.

Has any American President ever stood up to Israel? Well, other than JFK?

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

fuck the vets

Soldiers have it hard.
Vets have it easy.
No other nation in the history of the world has given as much to its veterans as the United States has given to World War II veterans.
And, what did the nation get in return?
The nation was SOLD OUT, in the hope that foreign immigrants, with NO loyalty to AMERICA would be willing to pay the bill.
Maybe, if we quit giving veterans, and politicians, the impression that they could serve for two to four years and be supported for the rest of their lives, people would go out and get REAL jobs and STOP depending so much on, and giving power to, government authority.



O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Disrespectful twit

F@#$%^&* respect your elders. Again F@#$%^&*