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ACLU Jumps Into Dzhokhar Sixth Amendment 'Right to Counsel' Motion, Opposes SAMs

Isolation and limited lawyer contact: the new normal. Right to counsel includes right to proclaim your innocence, through your attorneys, as the prosecution is releasing jury-tainting hit pieces to the media.


ACLU files court doc opposing restrictions on Boston bombing suspect

"Cambridge —

The American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts (ACLUM) filed court documents Wednesday, Nov. 6, in support of defense lawyers for suspected Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, asking the courts to relax certain restrictions they say are unconstitutional.

The restrictions – called “Special Administrative Measures” – confine Tsarnaev to a solitary cell and limit outside contact to only pre-screened attorneys and immediate family. Tsarnaev can’t call or send a letter to more than one adult parent or sibling per week. He cannot communicate with the media, participate in group prayer services inside his detention facility, and he can’t communicate with other inmates in any way.

But, defense lawyers and the ACLUM say the most onerous restriction is the one placed on the defense counsel itself. The Special Administrative Measures prohibit defense attorneys from releasing any information to a third party except “for the sole purpose of preparing the inmate’s defense – and not for any other reason.”

Attorneys must also submit all materials to the Bureau of Prisons before discussing them with Tsarnaev to ensure the materials are related to Tsarnaev’s defense. The defense team and the ACLUM say those restrictions on the defense team are unconstitutional... MORE http://www.wickedlocal.com/cambridge/news/x529848861/ACLU-fi...

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Old news. Much has happened since then. Hearing update on SAMs

Here is what happened in court the other day:
Summary of the hearing--http://somethingreallyirrelevant.tumblr.com/post/66785895535

Nevertheless, Judge O'Toole was sympathetic to Tsarnaev's attorneys' assertions that the prison restrictions could violate the accused terrorist's civil rights. But he made no decisions on the SAMs yet.


Judge O'Toole's ACLU order:

For latest go to twitter search bar and type #Tsarnaev and click on the 'all' so you can find all the latest news on the case
or @RalphHornsby

Thanks for links, so judge is "sympathetic" but has not ruled

..which leaves this still wide open.

Lawyer-client priv is bedrock. Ohterwise we may as well all start defending ourselves since a lawyer can't do much anyway.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

The only thing I see him ruling on would be the right to see his

lawyers as often as needed. He was getting to see them 2-3 times a week. Now it is once every 2 weeks and they are working on deadlines. So that is the biggest thing going against his rights. I don't see him easing up on anything else. Considering how he handled the Tarek Mehanna case.

If you haven't already, the in-courtroom statement Tarek Mehanna gave when convicted is really worth reading. Judge O'Toole presided over his case. By Glenn Greenwald


Here is a good summary of the Tarek Mehanna case

How the Government Smeared Tarek Mehanna

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Why does the federal

Why does the federal government always take extraordinary measures to cover up the truth of their activities? They make it so obvious that they're actively engaged in a cover up, even a cave man could figure that out.

Thank God for fascism. Without it we might have freedom.

Our leaders are only trying to protect us from the terrorism of thinking and acting for ourselves.

Oliver Twist: Please sir, I want some more.

ACLU will fight harder for your rights than Congress.

Spend money on productive lawyers, instead of grandstanding politicians.

Free includes debt-free!

Load of dung thte ACLU is

The ACLU does nothing for individual rights. I have met with and talked to several of their employees. They are a hate filled anti Christian Group. They spend their entire day thinking of ways to oppress Christians in this country with their limited resources and do nothing to help obvious victims of police and prosecution abuses.

The ACLU harms civil rights by soaking up limited funds to continue with their anti Christian Crusade.

Not the Seattle Chapter of

Not the Seattle Chapter of the ACLU. They'd rather sponsor UNconstitutional Laws.

Be Your Own Media!!!

Start a drive to defund them

...let the members know.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Indeed, there are counter-productive lawyers.

Let the buyer beware.

Free includes debt-free!

Indeed there are control

Indeed there are control freaks and agendas, but that doesn't mean they coincide with the 4th amendment. Indeed there are those that game the system for their own meal ticket and a pathetic attempt at social engineering despite common sense.

Be Your Own Media!!!

This is more like the old ACLU, jumping into the

unpopular, but most important cases. About time.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

There was a big effort to discredit, demonize and defund them.

They could do more good than political parties.

Free includes debt-free!

If they stood on principle,

If they stood on principle, unlike the Seattle Chapter of the ACLU

Be Your Own Media!!!