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Eye 1 Israel's President Shimon Peres admits that Israel ordered the assassination of Yasser Arafat

Jean Shaoul
Sat, 16 Nov 2013 07:05 CSTPrint
Nine years after Yasser Arafat died in a French military hospital on November 11, 2004, a Swiss team of toxicologists has found traces of the radioactive isotope polonium-210 in his exhumed remains, as well as in his shroud and the soil of his shrine.

A Russian team also found traces of polonium in the body of the leader of Fatah and elected president of the Palestinian Authority (PA). The Swiss scientists said there was an 83 percent probability that the late Palestinian leader was poisoned. proving, and expanding the web site.

Their findings, part of the French authorities' broader investigation into Arafat's death, confirm that the Palestinian leader was assassinated.

As soon as Arafat, who was in good health, became ill after eating a meal at his compound in Ramallah in October of 2004, there were suspicions that he had been poisoned. But it proved impossible to determine whether that was the case. None of the doctors treating him, in Palestine or in France, were able to diagnose the cause of his illness, which was a combination of intestinal inflammation, jaundice and a blood condition known as disseminated intravascular coagulation.

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What does Eye 1 mean?

depends upon whom a person chooses to . . .

believe. Confusion is a good way to distract people, though.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

100% false

Also from January 2013. None of these articles link the source directly, I wonder why?

They're discussing Israel killing a Hamas military commander after they built a missile command inside a house and launched a rocket into Israel in 2012. In it, Peres said that he felt that the Hamas commander had to be killed. The interviewer referenced background on Peres being against assassinations and having protected Arafat from plots to kill or deport him.

Arafat was 75 years old when he died. No evidence Israel killed him.

You didn’t think that Arafat should be assassinated.
No. I thought it was possible to do business with him. Without him, it was much more complicated. With who else could we have closed the Oslo deal? With who else could we have reached the Hebron agreement? On the other hand, I tried to explain to him, for hours on end, a complete educational course: how to be a true leader. We sat together, with me eating from his hand. It took courage. I told him he must be like Lincoln, like Ben-Gurion: one nation, one gun, not innumerable armed forces with each firing in a different direction.

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Hmm..I don't think so

Palestinian leader Arafat was murdered with polonium: widow

Swiss study: Polonium found in Arafat’s bones

One thing is not the other!

1. The OP's article is 100% bullshit. Peres never admitted Israel killed Arafat. Quite the opposite. Very dishonest article.

2. There's just as much evidence that one of Arafat's inner circle poisoned him with polonium as there is that Israel poisoned him; that is there's zero evidence of either scenario. Arafat had other enemies, including within the PLO.

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