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JFK's final warning to the American people: If the U.S. ever experiences a coup d'état, it will come from the CIA

Arthur Krock
New York Times
Wed, 02 Oct 1963 04:14 CDTMap Print

All smiles for the cameras, but behind the scenes... JFK with CIA Director Allen Dulles. Right, CIA Deputy Director Charles Cabell. Both were fired by Kennedy. Cabell's brother was Mayor of Dallas, Texas at the time of the assassination.

Comment: This New York Times op-ed was originally titled 'The Intra-Administration War in Vietnam', and was written by a well-known journalist whom Kennedy relied on to 'speak through' in his efforts to counter the massive propaganda efforts of the corporate media to portray him as a 'communist', 'anti-business', 'anti-American', a 'traitor', ad nauseum.

Washington, Oct. 2 - The Central Intelligence Agency is getting a very bad press in dispatches from Vietnam to American newspapers and in articles originating in Washington. Like the Supreme Court when under fire, the C.I.A. cannot defend itself in public retorts to criticisms of its activities as they occur. But, unlike the the Supreme Court, the C.I.A. has no open record of its activities on which the public can base a judgment of the validity of the criticisms. Also, the agency is precluded from using the indirect defensive tactic which is constantly employed by all other Government units under critical file.
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Kennedy Was Correct

Reinhard Gehlen, the ex-Nazi Intelligence officer along with other Nazi's brought in to work for the U.S. in operation Paperclip were instrumental in formulating the operational functionality of the CIA. Gehlen, a Knight of Malta, also trained and helped set up the Israeli Mossad.

Quoting from Eric Jon Phelp's Vatican Assassins:

So why was President Kennedy killed? In following the lead of Pope John XXIII
and the Second Vatican Council, he sought to end the Cold War, including the War
in Vietnam. He also attempted to end the reign of the CIA. But as Pope John XXIII
“died” and was replaced by a secret Cold Warrior, Pope Paul VI, even so President
Kennedy “died” and was replaced with another Cold Warrior, President Lyndon
Johnson. Through these acts of defying the Pope’s Temporal Power, the President
became “a usurper and a tyrant” according to the Vatican’s Canon Law.
Since it is “no murder to kill a tyrant,” John F. Kennedy was assassinated by the
Jesuit General’s International Intelligence Community domestically overseen by
“the American Pope,” Francis Cardinal Spellman. He then, along with Cardinals
Cooke and O’Connor covered it up. The present Archbishop, Edward Cardinal
Egan, will continue this Great Jesuit Cover-up, he having ignited America’s present
Papal Crusade against the Islamic peoples of the Middle East and Central Asia
through the attack and demolition of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon
carried out by his loyal soldiers within the Central Intelligence Agency, including
its Roman Catholic, Jesuit-trained, CFR/CIA Director and Knight of Malta, George J.
Tenet, aided and abetted by the high-level Masonic Bush (House of Stuart) and
Bin Laden family dynasties tied together through The Carlyle Group, its CEO being
another CIA/CFR member and Knight of Malta, Frank C. Carlucci.

JFK, Warmonger

His foreign policy was worse than George W. Bush’s.

By Justin Raimondo

Free includes debt-free!

Seems this is the

way it is done around the world, also.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Since the criminal Bush arm of the Rothschild crime family

Controls the CIA its in would be in reality a Rothschile proxy through the Bush crime machine to the CIA. Follow the trail its easy, it smells like rotten egge, er sulfer.


Well, J. Edgar Hoover thought so.

He named George H.W. Bush as a "person of interest" in an official FBI letter.

Also, E. Howard Hunt confessed to being part of a team who assassinated JFK. His boss at the time was none other than George H. W. Bush.

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maybe this is why he was killed.

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