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Bitcoin used to travel the world.

It's currently at $400 a bitcoin. What do you guys think?


Lean Crust, though, is one of a tiny but growing number of stores, travel agents and online merchants starting to accept the once-obscure digital currency as a means of payment. Bitcoin doesn't exist, except in the virtual world, and can only be passed from one person to another electronically. Its origins are murky: Conventional wisdom says a man or group of people going by the name Satoshi Nakamoto created bitcoin in 2009, stoking demand by making it obtainable only through complicated algorithmic searches by powerful computers.

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I'm waiting for the next drop

I'm waiting for the next drop or fall from fear or drama, then I'm going to buy buy buy. Been reading everything I can about it--the good, bad, and ugly. I think the risk is worth it, but the "wallet" must be secured and available offline to protect yourself.

All I can say is read everything you can.

Here's a recent email I sent to friends and family:


Start reading as much as you can about Bitcoin. Soak it up and then get back to me. This thing has legs! How much higher, you can only guess, but people are jumping in like wildfire ever since the Chinese got involved. I just read this too: http://libertyblitzkrieg.com/2013/11/09/the-chinese-can-now-...

As with any bubble, this well end, but until your Aunt starts talking about it, then it might have a lot more room to grow. I'm getting close to buying some. Want to hear what others think.

First you need to know what it is:

You need a negative view:

Then maybe some positive stuff:

Then if you've convinced yourself, you need to learn about a wallet:

Possible choices:

Then you need to learn about the exchanges:

If I miss something, lend a hand, would ya?


BTC was at over $500 this

BTC was at over $500 this morning. It's rising like a rocket. I'll be sure to buy a ton of it should it pop... Maybe buy in at $200 or below. Its volatility is part of what makes it so exciting right now.

UPDATE: This evening it's closer to $600.




rad- look forward to the flick