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In One Minute: The Most Honest Beer Ad You Will Ever Watch

Somehow crude but truthful. The parody ad for Karp's, the most honest beer company to ever exist, details the truth about beer, but also how strange the fermenting process is. They remind us, brutally, that yeast is really a tiny organism that eats sugar and transform it into something not good for you.

Short Video:

(there is a 45 second video before the video)

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But not sure what to make of

But not sure what to make of your post.

Beer doesn't lead to death or depravity. Look at the top 10 countries on this list, all places where someone would be lucky to live, especially the top two life expectancy countries (lived in Japan and it was a great place).


By the way, the most healthful foods in the world are fermented. Japanese eat many fermented foods, namely Natto which is the healthiest you can eat. Icelanders eat many fermented foods like rotting shark.

Fermentation gives our bodies what it needs: GOOD BACTERIA! So before ranting about beer, you should understand fermentation and how powerful and beneficial it is for us.

A good quality beer with no chemicals or additives is not only healthy, but highly recommended.

Yes you are right

Let me continue with your line of reasoning...
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They have antler marks on their face

I did indeed...

..laugh out loud. Ouch.

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The Beer Poem - i.e. the truth about beer. don't miss this...


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Beer Belle-y

Truth in advertising


Did you even notice ?



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Why are people always posting these 'Cracked' videos...

This stuff gets really tiring after a while.

Have you seen this one? It's about something called 'bittcoin'



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