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Is The Vatican Dumping Gold?

Just one question that comes to mind as I listen to anti-NWO guru Adrian Salbuchi:

(intro runs about 1:20)


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Great Video Chris, Thank You.

So, it's pointed out that international banksters are controlling most countries, how do we the people stop them?

Well as Ron Paul has said, years ago, we the people must control the money !
The founders of the USA understood this very well when they declared in the U.S. Constitution, the supreme law of the land that, nothing but physical Gold/Silver/Copper MUST be used as money:


Why have we been at war with Muslim countries for so long?

Because their religion also specifies using Gold/Silver as money:


And this may be related to your question above:



Just a thought.... Is the

Just a thought.... Is the vatican transferring its gold? ..not dumping it. Is the base for the new vatican in New World order going to be Argentina? Lots of ex patriot Jesuits there eh??? Southern Hemisphere is safer and more likely out of harm's way. Italy is toast. I know...I know...too many conspiracy theories coming true??

You are probably pretty close to it.

The last pope was dumped for a reason, and the vatican is WAY more political than Christian.
I wonder what Jesus would have done with the vatican's gold?

It seems to coincide with the

It seems to coincide with the information that Karen Hudes divulged when she said 175000tons of US gold is in bank vault in Hawaii. Is the entire banking industry jockeying into position for New World Order? The big players seem to be the ones with the most gold stashed away???