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Can we Still help Ben Swann get a super bowl commercial?

Since intuit didn't pick Ben Swann to the last round of the Superbowl ad contest, I was wondering if we could do it ourselves. it costs about $4m for a Superbowl commercial. The one day record for a Ron Paul money bomb is $6m Now, I know people are not going to be as enthused about a Swann commercial as RP's campaign, but keep in mind the 6m figure is 1.5x the necessary amount, and it was in ONE DAY! We have...not sure how long till a payment deadline...more than one day.

Just think how educational 30s of Ben could be, how it could help his media outreach long term. How many people would be receptive, but have never been given opportunities to hear from a guy like that?

Could we do it?

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Fox Contest Offers 30-Second Super Bowl Pregame Ad as a Prize

Anyone have a NY Times account?

What does this say, please?

https://www.nytimes.com/ 2013/ 09/ 21/ business/ media/ fox-contest-offers-30-second-super-bowl-pregame-ad-as-a-prize.html

Sep 20, 2013 ... Fox Contest Offers 30-Second Super Bowl Pregame Ad as a Prize ... Fox; Fox Broadcasting will present Super Bowl XLVIII on Feb. 2, 2014. ... announced that they plan to buy commercial time during Super Bowl XLVIII, ...


Super Bowl Ad Chart: Who's Buying What in Super Bowl 2014


How do we get FOX to help Ben? :)

Additional pre-game advertising! *

Yep, $4 mil for 30 secs. Do they go shorter?


Hate to be a Negative Nancy, but we already tried raising money for Ben to launch his truth in media project. Couldn't even raise 1.25m.


4 million for 30 seconds?

Pffff....You thinking like a democrat?

No, thinking like a

No, thinking like a Republican. If I were thinking like a Democrat it would be $sixm for 30s and you wouldn't be able to know what the ad was for until after you paid for it.

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