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Jay Carney Refuses To Name The Capital Of Israel

Can someone explain this video to me?


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No answer is the smart move, since it is a loaded question

The answer tells you a lot, at least in my opinion;

First off, it tells you that answering that question is above Carney's pay grade.

Second, it tells you that the answer is not firm either way. So internally the USG is quite divided, and each side are hostile toward the other over the issue.

Third, the Media are well aware of this. Evidenced by the chiming in of multiple other voices asking for an answer.

Fourth, the Media knows the answer (from the USG currently in power) would be Tel Aviv.

Fifth, the Media want Carney on the record so they can attack the position.

Conclusion: Carney knew he was being baited, found it amusing, and couldn't stop with the sh!t eating grin. He's a schmuck, but not a stupid schmuck. The MSM is decidedly pro-Israel. The current USG in power does not support Israel.

My impression is that everyone in that room knows this, but no one will say it. Hence the loaded question.

This is why I support Dr. Paul

Dr. Paul's press secretary would have given a straight up honest answer without frowning.
This is the reason I will never vote for those lousy Democrats and/or Republicans...they're all "fake"...
Whatever his position "is" he should had "repeated his position" instead of giving one of those damn Washington D.C. B.S. type answer.
Ron Paul 2016.

Well, they tell him what to

Well, they tell him what to say. Perhaps we should be paying attention to his handlers more.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Here you go!


"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." Voltaire

Hes just kissing the behinds

Hes just kissing the behinds of the zionist, that is all. How can he live with himself? I hope this comes to an end pretty soon, because I take this nonsense anymore! Our government is filled with these corrupt pigs who only care about themselves and their family

Cant wait for what the PR

Cant wait for what the PR folks come up with /s

Always playing for time, like that very act wont become suspicious itself, the more times they feel their forced to use it because being honest is "illegal"......apparently....the more suspicious it will inevatibly become.....if your bad or good, we'll always demand honesty, and if your good, consider yourself bad, because we dont believe in the means justifying the need, especially when the means is purposefully being kept secret........so not only an avoidance of truth to the list, but kept secrets too, very subtle, but very different distinctions, .......by the way, just to give this instance the benefit of the doubt, HAS he made he's stance on that position before, as he claims too

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From the title of this, I was expecting a Jan Helfeld video!


All art is only done by the individual. The individual is all you ever have, and all schools only serve to classify their members as failures. E.H.

Lmao, yeah Jan is the man.

Lmao, yeah Jan is the man.

What a squirming little lying WORM Carney is. I love...

...questions like this from the press, and seeing these liars squirm.

What he should have said is that Israel is now the 51st State of America, or perhaps more accurately, America has become the 2nd state of Israel.

Considering the billions upon billions of dollars we give them every year, and the untold blood and treasure we spend in the Middle East (due mainly to the wishes of the Israeli lobby), one could argue that the capital of Israel is now Washington D.C.

If we made them a state, at least we could get some tax dollars from them - instead of them thieving U.S. tax dollars by the billions.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

My question is...

...WHY won't they answer this question?

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

million dollar question

million dollar question

The answer is between Two Choices,,,,

New York Or Washington DC

Buck50 asked the right question.

His was the first response to this post. If we formally recognize Tel-Aviv then say Tel-Aviv and if it be Jerusalem then say Jerusalem.

But we "say" neither or both. This is how we keep the situation open over their. This is how we play the region for our own gain. This is how we create indecision and cause strife.

Why would a nation support the creation of Israel but then refuse to recognize the states basic right to name its own capitol? How convoluted can you get?

Or the guy just didn't know what the proper response was. :-)

Office of the Historian, Document 281

Memorandum From the Department of State Executive Secretary (Battle) to the President’s Special Assistant for National Security Affairs (Bundy)1

Washington, May 31, 1962.

United States Position on Jerusalem

By telephone call to Assistant Secretary Talbot May 21, Mr. Feldman asked why, when other Governments contemplate the establishment of a diplomatic mission in Jerusalem, we review with them the United States position on non-recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

A resolution of the United Nations General Assembly adopted November 29, 1947, provided for the partition of Palestine into an Arab and a Jewish state and the creation of a corpus separatum, under direct international administration, of the City of Jerusalem and its environs. This resolution could not be carried out since hostilities broke out in May 1948 between Arab states and Israel. The hostilities were terminated by a series of armistice agreements in 1949. The armistice agreement between Israel and Jordan of April 3, 1949, established armistice demarcation lines which divided Jerusalem into sectors under Israel and Jordan control with a no-man’s-land between the two sectors. The United Nations General Assembly on December 9, 1949, reaffirmed its recommendation that a corpus separatum be established, and requested the Trusteeship Council to proceed with formulating a Statute for a Corpus Separatum for Jerusalem. The United States and certain other interested powers did not support this resolution, which was, nevertheless, passed by the Assembly. It was the belief of this Government that events had made efforts at carrying out the terms of such a resolution unrealistic, inasmuch as the two countries in actual occupation of Jerusalem were strongly opposed to the creation of a corpus separatum. The Trusteeship Council failed to produce an acceptable draft statute as did the United Nations General Assembly that same year (1950). The United States undertook, however, to give due recognition to the formal acts of the General Assembly and the Trusteeship Council relating to Jerusalem and has since maintained its position that the Holy Places in the Jerusalem area are of international interest to a degree which transcends ordinary considerations of sovereignty.

Despite the passage of the 1949 United Nations General Assembly resolution, the Israel Government officially transferred the Israel capital to Jerusalem. Israel Ministers began moving to the city, but the Foreign Ministry remained in Tel Aviv for a period. On May 4, 1952, the Israel Government announced that it was transferring the Foreign Office to Jerusalem. The actual transfer took place as of July 12, 1953. On July 9, 1952, the Embassy at Tel Aviv handed an aide-mémoire to the Israel Government (enclosed)2 stating that the United States Government did not view favorably the transfer of the Israel Foreign Office to Jerusalem, and that there was no intention of transferring the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Our position, as frequently stated, is: “the status of Jerusalem is a matter of United Nations concern and no member of the United Nations should take any action to prejudice the United Nations interest in this question. Our objective has been to keep the Jerusalem question an open one and to prevent its being settled solely through the processes of attrition and fait accompli to the exclusion of international interest and an eventual final expression thereof presumably through the United Nations.”

The Department’s files show that since Israel’s transfer of its capital to Jerusalem we have made approaches along the foregoing lines to the following countries:

Country Year Present Location of Mission
Japan 1955 mission in Tel Aviv
Guatemala 1955 mission in Jerusalem
Cuba 1957 mission in Tel Aviv
Liberia 1958 mission in Tel Aviv
Haiti 1958 no resident diplomatic representation
Venezuela 1959 mission in Jerusalem
Ecuador 1960 mission not yet established
Ivory Coast 1961 mission in Jerusalem
Ethiopia 1961 mission not yet established
Philippines 1962 mission not yet established
Costa Rica 1962 mission not yet established (but announced as Jerusalem)
Gabon 1962 mission in Jerusalem

As of March 1962, of the 41 nations maintaining diplomatic missions in Israel, eleven were located in Jerusalem, four of these, however, sharing one resident Ambassador.3 This group includes six African and three Latin American states. The two others are Greece and the Netherlands, both of which are regarded as respecting the status of Jerusalem since these governments designated their consular representatives to mandated Jerusalem as diplomatic representatives to the newly created State of Israel, leaving their consular residences in the original location.

The United States practice (of informing states which may be considering the establishment of a diplomatic mission in Israel of the background of United Nations interest) is known to Israel. The latter has occasionally taken issue with the practice, most recently in January of this year.4 We have invariably replied that the United States feels it has a moral obligation in this issue; that the United Nations interest is a legitimate one; on this premise we make our views known to interested governments; however, each government must decide its position for itself.

C.K. Johnson

Source: Department of State, Central Files, 325.84/5–3162. Confidential. Drafted by Crawford on May 25 and cleared by Talbot, Wallner (IO), and Palmer (IO/UNP).


Maybe he should have simply

Maybe he should have simply said that Israel is a sovereign nation and wherever they say their capital is that is where it is.

Or better yet, maybe he should have said that it's Israel's problem to figure out and that his work on behalf of the American taxpayers really needs to be focused on issues pertaining to this country.


Israel Firster Baiters are Scum.

Tele Aviv is the capitol of the country of Israel. Everybody knows that. Israel is not a big place. New Jersey could kick it's ass in a war.

Jerusalem is divided in three parts and has jurisdictions of Israel-Jewish, Palestine-Muslims, and the Christian Sector owned by the USA and England. I don't see what the problem is?

New Jersey ;-)

I like every single one of your comments!

Ya know we always hear how Israel is such a badass then why do they need the U.S. to fight all of their battles for them? I have suspected for awhile now they are bluffing, they lie about everything so why not lie about their nuclear capability?

Go get 'em MichaelWiseGuy.



got proof? (I say you don't and won't)

You are also incorrect about how Jerusalem is divided, which you can see in a reference I presented in a post below.

How does the USA "own" a

How does the USA "own" a Christian sector of Israel?


I remember someone told me

I remember someone told me that England gave Palestine to the Jews! How the hell can england give a country away? Especially when it doesnt belong to them. I dont get it.


wwI british mandate took palestine from the ottoman (turkish empire).. The land never belonged to the arabs.. Americans don't know history and many are being fed emotional garbage to sway them politically.. many don't know the truth, don't care about the truth.

Truth will set you free, and freedom pisses off those who want to control you.

Jerusalem is, and always has been the capital of Israel...

It is in Israel. It is Israel's. Different religions may share the city, and it may be Holy to many people(s), but it is the capital of Israel, always has been, always will be.

The heart of financial infrastructure is in Tel Aviv, for practical reasons. But that isn't the capital.

The nation of Israel is a spiritual nation. The basis of which is unlike any other country on earth. G-d/faith/spirituality is Israel's identity, is her greatest strength... Jeru-Shalom, Jerusalem, City of Peace, is the only true capital of Israel, ever.

People like you are the reason there is a dispute, and politically-correct tools like Carney can't give a straight answer to an honest, simple question.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Jerusalem is disputed by Israel's choice

As long as Jerusalem is disputed it gives the Kessnet autonomy dealing with the UN (as it stands today) and Israel's neighbors.

The nation of Israel is a practical nation that understands and appreciates natural law, freedom, human condition, sciences and arts better than 99% of the world, and this "blessing", happens to bring out the worst in some people, who Israel, the secular state that stands for the human right to not only exist, but to thrive and so needs to protect itself, which it does in many ways, keeping Jerusalem disputed is part of that.

Carney's answer was respectful and the MSM asking questions were chumming.


Wiki makes a very good explaination about why Jerusalem is DISPUTED and WHY J. Carey refised to answer the question.. it was a set up and why Carey responded, "You know".. it's common knowledge. So the Obama administration uderstands Israel does not have a capital, though it's government buildings are located in Jerusalem, and business in Tele Aviv (and since business what what Israel excells globally, why many say Tele Aviv (who cares about the government the business deals are so outstanding in Israel because the government supports business, does not try to compete..

I feel bad for the guy.

He has one of the crappiest jobs in the world. The stress must be out of this world. And everyone hates you...including me :)

Doogie Howser might be

Doogie Howser might be stressed, but the White House Press Secretary is a PR guy's dream job. It doesn't get any higher than that if you worship government.

I understand what you're saying but

I find it difficult to feel bad for a guy who gets paid $172k a year to lie to our faces.

I'd feel bad if I knew he had a conscience, but there's no evidence of that.



This is why he wont answer

If he says Tel Aviv, he pisses of Israel. If he says Jerusalem, he pisses off the Palestinians. He should still answer though.