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Lindsey Graham challenger - Lee Bright - beautifully takes down MSNBC host on Common Core!


Liberty is Rising!

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Still not sold on Bright

I am not sold on this guy one bit but I have to admit on this topic he gets it.

Bookmark my profile for a

Bookmark my profile for a post coming in a few weeks.

I will check it out

I try to keep an open mind but he has some issues that disturb me at this point. I will check out your post though.

If there were some specific

If there were some specific questions you could ask him, what would they be?

Go Lee!

Wow, I'm impressed with him. Very calm demeanor but effectively sidestepped the presstitutes weak attempts to subvert his message. Let's send this guy some money. Get him elected!

Bullcrap! The Government IS behind Common Core

Are you kidding me? Let's use common sense here. WHY would our government be dangling MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in front of State Governors and Educators faces if they weren't DEEPLY INVOLVED in this Common Core Crap? To even suggest that the government wasn't directly behind this unified & identically copied approach from state to state is absolutely ludicrous! In fact, it's THEIR WAY of getting around the US Constitution by "seeming" to give the appearance that it started with the States which is stupid.

Come on. Let's get real. While I think he defended the Anti-Common Core citizens, I don't think (sorry) he got in that obnoxious guy's face nearly enough!

I think when declared that the government wasn't involved in Common Core, he should have blasted the MSNBC host on that. He should have made my obvious observation (above) and then ripped him full of points that:

A. Common Core is TOTAL INDOCTRINATION of the "STATE" ideology---give examples from a lesson then.

B. Common Core is more STATE CONTROL over the authority of the parents and indoctrinates moral issues which they should definitely NOT be in the business of doing---give examples from a lesson.

Just an idea, but I think next time he needs to LAMBLAST THESE A---HOLES.

That's just not really his

That's just not really his character. He explained what you're talking about, but Chuck Todd is just a puppet and kept repeating the same stuff that Bright already shot down. I honestly think Todd was trying to bait Bright here to get him to get upset, but Bright kept his cool. Reminds me of the good doctors ability to remain calm.

Lee Bright speaking in Myrtle Beach area tomorrow evening


7PM, tomorrow, Nov 20th, Lee will be speaking at the Myrtle Beach chapter of the Republican Liberty Caucus

It's on hwy 707, just a hair south of Holmestown Rd, basically a few miles west of Surfside Beach, just south of Myrtle Beach.

A couple months ago, I got my chance to finally meet Lee when he and Richard Cash spoke at a local FreedomWorks event here in Myrtle Beach.

Nancy Mace was invited, but did not attend, due to a scheduling conflict.

The event was livestreamed by someone, but I'm not exactly sure who, however I'm sure it's archived online, somewhere.

There was even a guy there, who open carried his early 20th century rifle! Love it!

Richard Cash, who's also challenging Graham did not impress me. It seems his whole platform is pretty much anti-abortion.

Sorry, but in our current state of affairs, that's not even on my top 15 list right now.

Not to mention the fact that I'm not sure I want my next Senator to be a guy named Dick Cash.

When Lee spoke, and when it was Q&A time, he pretty much channeled Ron Paul. I'm not exaggerating, he really did.

I'm definitely going again tomorrow night, just to shake his hand again and show my support.

This guy is the real deal!

If any of you are in the neighborhood, come on down!

By the way, I just finished reading Brian Doherty's book; Ron Paul's Revolution and it is FANTASTIC!

He gave The DailyPaul.com several mentions in the book, how about that!

There was just two things wrong in the book however:

1-He wrote about Sen Mike Lee being from Colorado instead of Utah.

2-The book pretty much ends right after the NH Primary in 2012, instead of going all the way to Tampa and that was a minor disappointment for me, as well as the fact that Doug Wead never got a single mention in the book.

Otherwise, great read and kudo's to Brian for a well researched and written book.

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

Sorry guys, he didn't do a

Sorry guys, he didn't do a very good job getting his point across. He should have made it clear, the federal government told every state we will give you 4.5 billion dollars to adopt common core in your state, So I have no idea where you think the federal government is not involved, it is very obvious they are involved and that's the problem. If they weren't involved, why would they tell every governor that they would receive 4.5 billion dollars for signing on to the common core program.

I understand what's going on and understood the point he was TRYING to make, but to the average sheep, I guarantee most didn't get what he was saying.

good interview imo..he's a lot more patient

than RP is imo

Lee Bright gets it.

..especially like how he handled himself. Much like Ron Paul he has the patience of a saint.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb


well, save up for private school people, hopefully somewhere other then this country.

i didnt find that beautiful. Any gov including state gov needs to get out of the education business.


Why does Chuck keep alluding to the fiction that "The Federal Government is not involved in this," when Bright continues to state that, "These States are going after Federal Dollars. [...] It's a race to the top (money)."

So it's the States taking Federal Money.

Todd continues, "No one is forcing these States to accep this money."

Worst logic ever.

Agenda 21, rearing it's ugly head.

Someone knew the US Government was doing this long ago:

http://www.deliberatedumbingdown.com/MomsPDFs/DDDoA.sml.pdf 7.3mb

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

"Excuse me, Mr. Reporter

Are you reporting on what an expert in this field is saying or are you debating that intensely learned position with your few hours' worth of research?"

"As the featured expert in this news segment, your opinion doesn't count. Now, with that made perfectly clear, this is what's going on..."

So when UN staff arrange a meeting and ask states

to develop a policy that fits UN standards, they can say the states created the policy. That's a very interesting thing. I wonder if the regular viewers of this channel recognize how they make darn sure to defend the federal government and the administration on every issue. It's propaganda in its purest form and the "informed" lap it up daily.

Chuck Todd is the last thing

Chuck Todd is the last thing urine sees as it leaves the male human body.

All "reporters" have an agenda before an interview

Most, if not all, "reporters" have an agenda before an interview and will defy logic and reasoning when faced with them. They will continue to drive home their futile attempt at "winning" the debate.

My stance on common core is known.

DOWN with it!

For those who do not know Lee Bright, he is TOPS!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

To Raise, to Erect to Min Standard or Max Potential?

Education from Latin means to Raise, to Lift, to Erect. It means to take one from weakness and dependency to strength and ability. To Independence.

The biggest problem with Common Core is that its Mission is to prepare those that follow it for servitude. The Mission of Common Core is to Raise children just high enough to work for others. Just high enough to follow directions, but not enough to set your own course.

For Eons the responsibility to Raise and Lift children fell upon Parents. Many did the job all by themselves and with the help of Family, and others made use of Specialized labor to help get the job done.

If Local School Boards only changed one thing, and that is to change the Mission of the School System to: "Compliment a parent's responsibility to raise their children to Independence from both themselves and government", then the curriculum and standards would have to fall in line to achieve that. This allows Innovation in the Methods (the how) while keeping the Mission the same.

Common Core creates a self prophecy in focusing on minimum standards, rather than Maximum Potential.

If Innovation and Entrepreneurship were Core Curriculum, then we'd see much more Equity in Ability to support oneself and family, Standard of Living, and Pursuit of Happiness.

common core NOT developed "by the States"

That is the single biggest myth of Common Core, and the mouth pieces that keep spewing this inaccurate horse poo are doing it on purpose. A small bit of research will tell you that common core was largely developed by Achieve, Inc. a "think tank" in Washington, D.C. The national governors association had NOTHING to do with its creation. They were brought on board simply to give this crap cover and plausible deniability when facing the inevitable scrutiny that would come. States were BRIBED with RTTT money--and in fact, they were actually given GRANTS by the federal government to write the proposal to submit to the traitorous bastards in Washington to get the RTTT money (and waivers for No Child Left Behind) and accept CC verbatim.

If you have kids in school, please do yourself a favor. If you cannot take them out for financial or other reasons, MONITOR their class work and homework. Protect your kids from indoctrination (of controversial social memes) that WILL seep into the work. That's just one rotten thing that CC will do slowly over the time its "curriculum/standards" are being applied to your child's malleable brain.

For more (if you haven't researched it), go to


and read, read, read. There are TONS of other sites on the internet that expose the real origin of CC and other implementation treachery such as intrusive data collection, the PARCC test, ineffectiveness of the "standards", etc.

What's with the poll question?

When was the last time a Senator was not on the D or R presidential ticket? I'm not sure what the point of that poll question is. I have heard commentators, specifically Ann Coulter, mention that Governors have an advantage in 2016. Is it just a coincidence, or are they trying to get people thinking that Congressmen, and more specifically one or two Junior Senators are inferior candidates?

"Where liberty is, there is my country." -Benjamin Franklin

So what is the correct answer?

I think it was George H.W. Bush and Michael Dukakis.

I've heard that same drivel.

I've heard that same drivel. Suddenly Governors have all the credibility and cachet? LOL. On the other hand, that's an opportunity for Gary Johnson to go after Kris Krispy.

SteveMT's picture

Lee Bright got ever brighter as this interview progressed.

Chuck Todd sank below the level acceptable to even Sweeney Todd with his attempted, but botched, slashing of Bright.

Chuck Todd do you work for the federal government?

Chuck Todd do you work for the federal government? After the information on federal grants Lee bright informed you about, you still dodged the fact that Common Core is influenced by the federal government because of the federal grants it gives to the states. Chuck Todd do you work for the federal government? MSNBC your new logo SFX is a toilet flushing.

Go Lee Bright!! GO............

kind people rock

I did notice the irony

That Todd Chuck was apparently educated in typical American government schools and liberal arts curricullums.

This is why he could not understand the clear explanation, that Federal bribe money and influence is at the heart of the reason that ...

*facepalm* Over and over, it had to be at least 3 times.


This is what happens if you get low IQ people to host news TV shows.

Chuck Todd is a Corporate /

Chuck Todd is a Corporate / Democratic shill. He'd defend these idiots as we go over a cliff. What a sellout on America.

Be Your Own Media!!!

Lee Bright or Patton Oswalt?

I didn't realize Lee Bright looked like Patton Oswalt. I'm definitely supporting him now

Except PO is a political POS.

Or maybe he's just a benign racist who thinks it's cool America has a Kenyan/Kansan native Hawaiian for Prez.

I yearn to give PO (& LCK) some slack just because they're otherwise astonishingly funny, but they can both be VERY annoying sometimes.

Personal aside: Presently, my President, my cat, and my grand-daughter are all native Hawaiians, a fact of which I am neither proud nor ashamed, it's just the way it worked out.

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
to be continued