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Bitcoin-Powered Assassination Market Targets Obama, Bernanke, and Others

Andy Greenberg reports:

Last month I received an encrypted email from someone calling himself by the pseudonym Kuwabatake Sanjuro, who pointed me towards his recent creation: The website Assassination Market, a crowdfunding service that lets anyone anonymously contribute bitcoins towards a bounty on the head of any government official–a kind of Kickstarter for political assassinations. According to Assassination Market’s rules, if someone on its hit list is killed–and yes, Sanjuro hopes that many targets will be–any hitman who can prove he or she was responsible receives the collected funds.

For now, the site’s rewards are small but not insignificant. In the four months that Assassination Market has been online, six targets have been submitted by users, and bounties have been collected ranging from ten bitcoins for the murder of NSA director Keith Alexander and 40 bitcoins for the assassination of President Barack Obama to 124.14 bitcoins–the largest current bounty on the site–targeting Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve and public enemy number one for many of Bitcoin’s anti-banking-system users. At Bitcoin’s current rapidly rising exchanges rate, that’s nearly $75,000 for Bernanke’s would-be killer.

Sanjuro’s grisly ambitions go beyond raising the funds to bankroll a few political killings. He believes that if Assassination Market can persist and gain enough users, it will eventually enable the assassinations of enough politicians that no one would dare to hold office. He says he intends Assassination Market to destroy “all governments, everywhere.”[...]

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Sounds like just the thing to get Congress to spend big money.

Congress loves to waste money on imaginary threats.

Free includes debt-free!


This is the end of the beginning.

All rights reserved and no rights waived.

Thing is

even if all 3 of these people perish, the big brother agenda continues and the financial tyranny continues.

You can't cure a skin disease by chopping off the lesions, because they'll keep coming back.

Veritas, Sometimes things are done just because they must!

Watching some of the criminals who have wormed their way into the most powerful positions in our nation, pay the ultimate price for their crimes would be oh SO satisfying! :-)


This is big. A world currency and a world kill list from the creator.

All rights reserved and no rights waived.


Oh my... I didn't foresee this. The ninjas have awoken.

All rights reserved and no rights waived.